My Dad's Music 1 of 3
Joseph Puma June 09, 04
First of all,thanks to Jim Hubler for his kind words about my father that he posted way back in 2000.I've been on a mission of sorts to collect as much recorded music that I can that my Dad played on,a mission that started before his passing in May of 2000.My personal favorite's include"Interactions"with Chuck Wayne,"What Is There To Say"by Warren Vache,"Like Tweet"With Dick Hyman,Eddie Hall,and others(still only available on vinyl,sadly),"Herbie Mann-Sam Most Quintet","Shining Hour"with Red Mitchell and Hod O'Brian,and finally"It's A Blue World".Dad wasn't particularly happy with the song-shortening production that he thought marred the recording,but there is still alot of great music provided by Dad,Eddie Locke,and Murry Wall on this cd.I can go on and on because there is so many great tunes that my father has played on.If anyone has any thing furhter to add I'd love to hear it.Thanks.
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