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Sandy Slater March 12, 07
In the sixties, I visited Jazz Ltd many times. Best Dixieland in Chicago - or anywhere for that matter. Bill was one great guy. Almost shy, but he'd spend time talking to you, especially if the subject was jazz. Once I asked him to play something, I think it was "The Dixieland One-Step, and, after playing it, he came around and asked how I liked it. Well, I hated to tell him that it was fine, but not the 'One Step' I was thinking of. It was at least two or more months before I returned to Chicago. Bill came over and asked me to listen to another version of the 'One Step' and it was, in fact, the one I had been thinking about. Like it had happened just the night before! And it was Emanuel Sayles who knew 'my version' of the 'One Step'. (And that spelling of 'Emanuel' should be correct as that is the way he spelled it, in his hand, on a Jazz Ltd napkin). Boy could that gentleman play a banjo! And both Bill and Emanuel were gentlemen in every sense of the word. Wonderful memories - one night, the place was crowded and I was just standing when a guy asked me if I'd like to sit at his (small) table. I sat down, looked at him, and damned if it wasn't Gene Krupa! We enjoyed an hour or so and nobody bothered Gene (maybe Bill came over between sets and said hello). And I had seen Gene a few weeks before playing at the Metropole Cafe (with Red Allen) and of course I mentioned that fact to Gene. Another great gentleman! Note: Believe Gene was playing at the time at the 'London Club or Lounge' up by the river. Bill Reinhardt was a very special guy who I'll never forget!
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