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LeeZfegmPifQUTsJZqA September 05, 12
National Express has been quite savvy in making wifi free for evnoryee (the previous franchisee used to charge standard class passengers), as it knows that it needs to continually attract business travellers. A nice cafe bar that serves a decent cup of coffee definitely helps, but it is the wifi that really encourages those pepople to choose to travel by train as they can make that dead' travelling time productive once again. But the issue is bigger than that. We're rapidly approaching the stage where people expect to be able to get online because so much of their life is managed this way. Banking, communicating, working, socialising, shopping, information/research. I know I'd struggle without broadband in my life now. So it isn't just the business people that want to get online we all do!Bring on free wifi everywhere, I say!
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