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gFkAwjbcXHAChHYZbnf September 05, 12
Good job on the re-ordering and tidyup in 1.7.1 Scribu (I'd been scncrahitg my head for the past couple hours trying to figure out the best way to do the current month first thing!).A couple of suggestions though:I think it would still be nicer to have the years current first eg. 2009 2008 etc.There's a line in the css as that doesn't seem to do anything helpful but pushes the month list out to an unneccesary width:.tabs li + li margin-left:1em !important; Is this doing something special and I'm just missing something? I simply override this in my own css but in themes where the wp-head call comes after the themes css the !important attribute on this element will prevent overriding of the style.
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