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LuwmJkmUaLweWQm September 06, 12
I know you can do this on the K2. Never tried it on the k3 though. Try it and it may work, if you have been a good boy! To deescare margins, do this:1. Close all your books and Kindle related software and remove any other related USB connections.2. Turn on your Kindle and connect it via USB to your PC.3. Go to the following location and find the file:[YOUR_DRIVE_LETTER_GOES_HERE]:systemcom.amazon.ebook.booklet.readerreader.pref.4. Open and edit this file using notepad or similar text editor and modify the HORIZONTAL_MARGIN=40 line to something of your choice.5. Save the file and close.6. Eject your Kindle device and unplug.7. Open your Kindle and do a complete restart from within the Kindle settings options.8. To undo the changes, just repeat the steps and set the number back to 40.That's it. Just make sure not to go crazy with the settings changes or you make your reading experience worse. +1Was this answer helpful?
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