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fTzGrveIUycgLUtNr September 05, 12
I don't think they could and for operators like the trinas or bus services, it will just be a cost of sale' to them, akin to value added service as is now it would seem.Arguably they could employ a token' based method where by users have to buy it to use it', even if it only covered some or all costs and no profit more value added service again. I for one wouldn’t buy it as I have access via my mobile phone already and I think others would think the same.For those existing players like T-mobile, Vodafone, Cloud and BT whom offer such services for a fee in major attractions, I think their days are numbered and will see margins, if there are any, squeezed or model changed to allow free access ‘sponsored by the location’. Already major Telecoms are offering broadband down the mobile phone as a way of generating profit, so think any such providers like national express will have to, as I said above, provide it as a value added' service for now.Actually, thinking laterally, if a bus/train company provides the service free of charge, users jump on it you then know their IP address/pages they are visiting you could pump some money into ‘location based services’, i.e. Sell ‘advertising space’ to a specific/target set of users’ directly to IP address/Pages the very customers whom are sat on your bus/train seat drinking coffee, bought from your train! That may sound far fetched, but check out the location based services already provided by the likes of Google Maps when used via your GPS enabled mobile and it doesn’t take too much to see the jump to providing a revenue model
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