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ovEozxQP September 06, 12
Replacing all of the double spcaes after sentences with a single space is almost always the first thing I do when I edit a document. Do normal people notice? Probably not. Let's keep in mind that I've edited documents where the author has used up to eight spcaes in between sentences. But I think it does matter, not only visually but also to some programs. I re-trained myself to use a single space (yes, it is possible!) when I taught at this private school that required the teachers to enter semiannual comments on each of their students in a database which gave errors if there were double spcaes after the periods.So to solve your current problem, most word processors feature a Find and Replace feature. You can do a find for and replace with . If you're using Microsoft Word, you may be able to change the spellcheck feature to give an error for double spcaes.
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