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wzKaADyEgC September 05, 12
Yes, you do have gorgeous hair, and you're right to be proud of it. I'm a ltlite jealous.I'm worried about your Migranes. Migraines are almost always stress related, but they can be triggered by the stress of an allergic reaction of eating or inhaling something toxic. Are you in an area where you migh have a lot of agricultural chemicals or mine tailings polluting your air or water? We have some serious pollution in my area from old mines that have gone bankrupt and nobody is taking responsibility for keeping the poisons out of the water. We've got some areas near me that look like the surface of the moon. Nothing grows there.So I wouldn't just accept that I have migraines and let it go at that. Check to see if there's some toxins in your area.Drop me a line if you want to talk. Anne
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