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Dean Earl: 1900-2002
Dean Earl
Piano, teacher

Died: January 16, 2002 in Boston, Massachussetts

Pianist and Teacher Dean Earl

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The following information was received from Berklee College, Boston:

We are sorry to report the passing of Dean Earl, a retired faculty member who contributed significantly to the college's legacy.

A World War II veteran who came to Berklee (then the Schillinger House) on the GI Bill, Dean was already a practicing musician when he entered the school in 1950 because, "I just wanted to be more reliable on the bandstand," he said.

Already a busy professional, Dean "used to work all night and take the train back from Portland or the Cape to catch Bob Share's harmony class. Most of the students at the school were like that, too."

Dean completed his studies at Berklee in 1954. He was a mainstay of the Boston jazz scene in the days of the Hi-Hat Club, Connolly's, and Wally's Paradise. During his career he played with, among others, Charlie Parker, Bobby Hackett, Slam Stewart, Sonny Stitt, and Ben Webster.

Dean taught piano here at Berklee for more than thirty years. Among his hundreds of students were Bruce Hornsby, Cyrus Chestnut, many members of the current faculty, and scores of other acclaimed musicians around the world, who remember him fondly for the joy he brought to every day.

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