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Timothy White: 1952-2002
Timothy White
Editor, writer

Born: January 25, 1952 in Paterson, New Jersey
Died: June 27, 2002 in New York City, New York

Uncompromising Editor of Billboard

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Timothy White was the distinguished editor in chief of Billboard magazine. He maintained the magazine's independent stance from the industry which it covered, and never hesitated to dish out harsh criticism where he found it merited. He gained a grounding in journalism at The Associated Press, then stamped his mark on a number of music magazines, including Crawdaddy, Rolling Stone (where he became one of the most influential writers in the history of that magazine, until the inevitable falling out with Jann Wenner), and Musician. He wrote a number of books, including studies of Bob Marley, Brian Wilson and James Taylor.

He died suddenly of a heart attack in the Billboard offices, and is survived by his wife, Judith; his twin sons, Christopher and Alexander; his brothers, Denis, Douglas, John and David; and his sisters, Amy Reiss and Gloriann Gallagher.

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