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Chuck Swan: 1935-2002
Chuck Swan
Jazz Society Executive

Born: May 11, 1935 in Rochester, New York
Died: October 12, 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona

Jazz Society Executive

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The American Federation of Jazz Societies issued the following statement:

Chuck Swan, executive director of the American Federation of Jazz Societies for the past two years, died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 67 in Phoenix. Burial was in his home town of Rochester, N.Y.

Swan aggressively expanded and broaden the Federation's membership to over 200 member organizations and was instrumental in developing new programs and services that effectively dealt with the operational aspects of jazz societies and festivals.

Past AFJS President Lew Shaw stated: "Chuck was very much a take-charge guy, and he made things happen. He will surely be missed for his deep-rooted passion for the music and his commitment to the Federation and the total jazz community."

Joel Robin Goldenthal, president of Jazz in AZ, a group that Swan previously headed, commented: "Chuck Swan was remarkably generous in devoting his time and energies to promoting jazz through advocacy, education and support of musicians."

JJA members are invited to submit a full obituary or appreciation.

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