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Dawn and Sandra Luck: 1920-2002
Dawn and Sandra Luck
Jazz patrons

Born: 1920 in England
Died: 2002 in Orlando, Florida

Husband and wife team supported jazz in London

by Doug Yeager
Copyright © 2003 Doug Yeager


Don and Sandra Luck were leading patrons of the London jazz scene for more than forty years, died three weeks apart in Orlando, Florida, of natural causes, at the ages of 82 -- forever joined in life, death and love.

While their brother-in-law, renowned jazz journalist and radio broadcaster Max Jones, introduced the British masses to America's premier jazz artists, the Luck's offered these (mostly African-American) artists their home, replete with the largest private jazz collection in England, and then introduced them into London's society.

After WWII, they became the family away from home -- and the home away from home -- for such artists as Josh White and Eartha Kitt, Carmen MacRae, Cab Calloway, Count Basie and his band, Sarah Vaughan, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Annie Ross, Billy Eckstine, Yolande Bavan, Jimmy Witherspoon, Sarah Vaughan, Big Bill Broonzy, and Jackie McLean, to name a few.

The Luck's are survived by their daughters Vivian Luck of London, and Beverly Perovetz and grandchildren Mia and Matthew of Orlando, Florida.

Doug Yeager
Doug Yeager is the manager of Odetta, and the estate of Josh White.

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