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Glenn Spearman: 1947-1998
Glenn Spearman
Saxophone, composer

Born: February 14, 1947 in New York City, New York
Died: October 9, 1998 in San Francisco, California

Bay Area Experimentalist

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Spearman, Glenn Saxophonist Glenn Spearman was an inventive and exploratory musician with an extended list of collaborators. Inspired by late Coltrane, he hooked into the 60s free jazz scene in San Francisco, playing with musicians like Charles Tyler, Donald Garrett and Wilbur Morris. He moved to France to work with Frank Wright in the early 70s, and remained there for four years. He had the opportunity of working with Cecil Taylor in Holland in 1977, and returned to New York the following year.

He returned to the Bay Area in 1981, where he began a long association with drummer Donald Robinson, and continued to work with many luminaries of the experimental jazz scene, including William Parker, Bill Dixon, and William Hooker. He formed a Double Trio in 1990, which featured Larry Ochs of the Rova Saxophone Quartet in its line-up, and co-founded (with Marco Eneidi) the even bigger 21-piece Creative Music Orchestra, inspired by Cecil Taylor's large ensemble.

His own records as leader included Night After Night (Musa-Physics, 1981), a series of duets with Robinson; three albums for the Black Saint label, Mystery Project (1994), Smokehouse (1994) and The Fields (1996), all featuring the Double Trio; and the Creative Music Orchestra (Music and Arts, 1997). He also recorded with William Parker as Trio Hurricane, and with William Hooker, among others.

Matthew Goodheart, a pianist who recently formed a group with Glenn Spearman, issued the sad news of the death of the saxophonist and composer from cancer. He is survived by his wife Shantee, their three-year old daughter Angelica, his daughters Rose and Jahan and son Ahmad. Goodheart added that "he was a great artist, and we shall miss him tremendously".
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