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The Last Post is a database of jazz people who have gone on. JJA members and visitors are invited to contribute information, obituary notices and career appreciations to The Last Post. We depend on your help to make this a comprehensive resource, from advising on news of the death of anyone involved in jazz (with as much relevant information as possible) through to posting your obituary notices on the site, all of which will carry full writer and, if applicable, previous publication credit. For submission info please contact Todd Jenkins & Jamilla Bey.

As this resource is developed, various ways to approach the database will be available. At present, select an entry to view from the drop-down list at top, or the list of most recent passings below, or view the full alphabetized contents.

  • Paul Blair, 1942-2011, writer, broadcaster, editor, guide
  • Deaths in 2010
  • Joe Goldberg, 1932-2009, Remembering a fine jazz author and a marvelous wit
              with 1 reader tribute, posted January 15, 2011
  • Julie Coryell, 1948-2009
  • Roger Burn, 1962-2009, Vibist, keyboardist, leader of Shapes
              with 1 reader tribute, posted June 27, 2013
  • Louis Belson, 1924-2009, Some Personal Memories of a Drum Master
              with 2 reader tributes, latest December 8, 2009
  • Leslie Carole Johnson, 1942-2009, Mississippi Rag Falls Silent with Death of Publisher
  • James Gourley, 1926-2008, U.S. Expatriate Bebopper
  • William Claxton, 1927-2008, Iconic photographer
              with 1 reader tribute, posted November 21, 2008
  • Norman Hedman, 1945-2008, Crosses Three Decades of Music Genres & Generations
  • Richard Sudhalter, 1938-2008, Veteran author and trumpeter
  • Jack Hutton, 1928-2008, Famed British editor
  • Johnny Griffin, 1928-2008, "The Little Giant"
  • Hiram Bullock, 1955-2008, Popular Session Guitarist
  • Joe Beck, 1945-2008, Pioneering Jazz-Rock Guitarist
  • Jimmy McGriff, 1936-2008, Blues organist
              with 2 reader tributes, latest January 5, 2009
  • Bob Florence, 1932-2008, Grammy-winning bandleader and arranger
              with 2 reader tributes, latest November 26, 2014
  • Mario Schiano, 1933-2008, Leading Italian improviser
  • Humphrey Lyttleton, 1921-2008, Early British jazz star and BBC broadcaster
              with 1 reader tribute, posted May 13, 2008
  • Jimmy Giuffre, 1921-2008, Innovative clarinetist and bandleader
  • George Butler, 1931-2008, Label executive mentored young lions
  • Dennis Irwin, 1951-2008, Popular Bassist
  • Jeff Healey, 1966-2008, Blues-rock guitar virtuoso, early jazz historian, broadcaster
              with 1 reader tribute, posted July 21, 2008
  • Teo Macero, 1925-2008, Longtime Miles Davis producer