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Joe Hackbarth: 1931-2000
Joe Hackbarth

Born: 1931 in Germany
Died: August 2000 in Germany

German Drummer and Painter

by Marcus A. Woelfle
Copyright © 2000 Marcus A. Woelfle


Marcus A. Woelfle writes to advise us of the death of the German drummer and painter Joe Hackbarth, as follows:

German drummer and painter Joe Hackbarth died in August. Now nearly forgotten he once was one of Germany’s leading drummers. Maybe he is best remembered for his playing in the Wolfgang Lauth Quartet in the late 50s, a combo which was modeled after the Modern Jazz Quartet but didn't copy it. Instead of playing standards they prefered tasty semi-Baroque originals and German songs.

For readers who know German, there is an obituary at:

Marcus adds: The link is an obit in German. They say he was born in 1951, but that's nonsense. He recorded as early as 1956 with pianist Lauth.

Marcus A. Woelfle


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