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Lorez Alexandria: 1929-2001
Lorez Alexandria

Born: August 14, 1929 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: May 22, 2001 in Los Angeles, California

Highly Regarded Jazz Stylist

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Lorez Alexandria never made the anticipated breakthrough to a wider audience, but she was highly regarded as a jazz singer by those who knew her work, whether as critics, musicians or fans. She came from a musical family, singing initially in church choirs and gospel groups before moving into Chicago's club scene.

She worked (and recorded) with the King Fleming Quartet and Ramsey Lewis. She moved to Los Angeles in 1962 to pursue her career, and was heard at clubs like the Parisian Room and Marla's Memory Lane. She had an attractive voice, a good feel for jazz phrasing, and a cleanly enunciated delivery which was always highly sensitive to the import of the lyric she was singing.

She recorded several albums, including This is Lorez Alexandria with the King Fleming Quartet (1957); Deep Roots (1960); Lorez Alexandria the Great (1966), A Woman Knows (1978) and Harlem Butterfly (1984). Her collaborators included such fine jazz players as Howard McGhee, Wynton Kelly and Gildo Mahones.

She retired from performing in 1996, but suffered a strike shortly afterwards, and had been in failing health since. She died of complications from kidney failure, and is survived by a son and two grandchildren. 

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