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Lona Foote, Jazz Photographer

Lona Foote was a New York City photographer active in jazz, new music, funky music, dance, film and art scenes. She made pictures (never "shooting") in downtown performance venues from the mid '80s until she died of breast cancer in April, 1993.

Lona worked primarily in black and white, with a 35 mm Leica, and was published in the Village Voice, Down Beat, Ear and many other arts journals. She became expert in employing available light in such dark Manhattan clubs as the Village Vanguard, Sweet Basil, the Knitting Factory, Carlos II and Bradley's, performance spaces including Experimental Intermedia, Roulette, P.S. 122, the Kitchen and the Knitting Factory. Her compositions are highly spontaneous, active and up-close; she showed lines of communication among musicians listening and playing together, and she also created warm portraits of her friends, film-makers, artists, musicians, actors, dancers, night-and-day denizens of her surroundings - for promotional purposes, albums covers, gifts and fun. Lona Foote's images are displayed on a rotating basis in the gallery of the Jazz Journalists Association Jazzhouse.org.









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