Musica sulle Bocche
photos by Ziga Koritnik ― © 2004

»What are you still doing here? The sun has just gone up. Let’s go to bed! « were the first Enzo’s words after a well-visited morning concert of Paolo Fresu and Dhafer Youseff.

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The fourth Jazz festival Musica sulle Bocche in Santa Teresa, Sardinia takes place at the same time as the Jazz Festival in Saalfelden, which we visit more often because of its vicinity. In November 2003 I met the art director and musician Enzo Favato for the first time in Krmin, where he was recording his new CD. He invited me to a festival and noticing my reservedness, because it takes place in the last weekend of August 2004, he responded: »But it's gonna rain there!« And that convinced me to break the tradition and set out for Sardinia. I was caught by the Sardinian fever on the return home, which was a lot earlier than Enzo had forecasted me. And I am still possessed.

In August only the jazz fans can choose from three jazz festivals in Sardinia. In Berchidda and Sant’Anna Arresi the art director is the bass player Willam Parker (the father of the New York Vision Festival). The festival focuses mainly on European music, hosting many Italian musicians, which maybe makes it a little bit more traditional. But the programme for a more demanding listener is included, as well. In four days there were twenty-one concerts.

Ziga Koritnik
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