Jazz in the Global Imagination: Music, Journalism, and Culture

an international conference of jazz journalists presented by Columbia University's Center for Jazz Studies, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, September 29, 2007, in the Lecture Hall of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism 2950 Broadway (at 116th St.) in New York City.




9:15-9:30 am  




Howard Mandel, Jazz Journalists Association  
George E. Lewis, Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University





9:30-10:45 pm 
The Global and The Local




What is the place of jazz in the societies the journalists come from?  How does jazz engage social and cultural issues in these societies?  How do musicians and journalists engage the global? How do issues of ethnicity, gender, race, class, and social formation enter into their work?
Alain Derbez (Mexico), Seda Binbasgil (Turkey), Alexandre Pierrepont (France), Kazue Yokoi (Japan); George E. Lewis (USA), chair.




11:00 -12:15pm 
How The Other Half Lives:  Music in Local Scenes


Where do musicians play?  Who is their audience?  How is their work supported?  How is it received, both locally and abroad? What is the role of journalism in placing music and the ideas surrounding it before the public?
Patrik Landolt (Switzerland), Jennifer Odell (USA), Jason Lee (China), George Varga (USA); John F. Szwed (USA), chair.






12:15-1:30 pm




Dan Morgenstern
Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University





1:30-2:45 pm
Globalizing the Personal 




What intellectual, social, and political engagements do jazz journalists feel are important?  How do journalists establish and develop a personal aesthetic, and what are the forces that influence that aesthetic?
Andy Hamilton (Great Britain), Marcela Breton (USA), Bert Vuijsje, (Netherlands), Ashante Infantry (Canada); Ted Panken (USA), chair.







3:00-4:15 pm
New Music, New Aesthetics




Who are the new musicians of our time?  What are the local and international traditions and aesthetics that inform their work?  What kinds of aesthetic, economic, methodological, and cultural alignments are musicians pursuing in the 21st Century?
Maxi Sickert (Germany), Bill Shoemaker (USA), Cyril Moshkow (Russia), James Hale (Canada); K. Leander Williams (USA), chair.







5:00-6:15 pm 
Journalism and History




The work of journalists forms a major part of the bedrock of music history in the Western world.  In fact, for many, journalism is itself a form of jazz history.  How do journalists look at history and their part in writing it?  What is the place of journalism in writing the history of jazz?
Lars Westin (Sweden), Ron Scott (USA), Francesco Martinelli (Italy), Jason Berry (USA); Gwen Ansell (South Africa), chair.










Concluding Colloquium: Jazz in the Global Imagination


Columbia Graduate School of Journalism



Presented by The Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University
In partnership with the Jazz Journalists Association



2950 Broadway (at 116th Street)








An open discussion of issues connecting music, culture, and globalization.  Where and how is jazz situated in a global environment? Who are the new musicians of our time, and what are the local and international traditions and aesthetics that inform their work? How do journalists and artists engage global issues of ethnicity, gender, race, class, nationalism, and social formation? How do globalization and internationalism impact the understanding of the histories and traditions of jazz?





Howard Mandel, moderator
Introduced by June Cross, Professor, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism



Gwen Ansell (South Africa), Seda Binbasgil (Turkey), Christian Broecking (Germany), Stanley Crouch (USA), Francis Davis (USA), Alain Derbez (Mexico), Alex Dutilh (France), Gary Giddins (USA), Don Heckman (US), Ben Ratliff  (USA), Greg Tate (USA), Kazue Yokoi (Japan).




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