[jja-announce] Jazzcorner news

Lois Gilbert lois@jazzcorner.com
Tue, 01 Apr 2003 20:52:42 -0500

Hello fellow JJA Members

There's a whole lot a shakin' going on around Jazzcorner.com: We have 
totally redesigned and the largest discussion area for jazz on the web - 
Jazzcorner's Speakeasy, at  http://jazzcorner.com/speakeasy

In addition, we're about to redesign http://JazzJournalistsAwards.com, 
the publicity site for details concerning the JJA's Jazz Awards 2003.

Speakeasy began in 1998 and has grown to be the largest bulletin board 
and discussion area for jazz on the net. We had over 6200 registered 
users and more than 16,000 threads when we moved over a little over a 
week ago.  Already on the new Speakeasy, we have more than 4,000 posts!

In some ways, we are starting over with this new look and new bulletin 
board, but with the same purpose as the old Speakeasy - to bring the 
jazz community just a little closer together. And the members of the 
Jazz Journalists Association -- of which I'm one -- should know about us 
as an entity and a research/publicity resource.

There are so many options that we're still learning them. Images can be 
attached, changed and customized, events can be announced, our calendar 
can be utilized to announce JJA events to a broader viewership than may 
make it to Jazzhouse.org

In our Ask The Musicians forum, musicians including Ellery Eskelin, Bob 
Brookmeyer, Robin Eubanks, Dennis Gonzalez, Mark Levine, Bobby Sanabria, 
Judi Silvano, Billy Childs, Michael Weiss, Matthias Lupri, Jan Leder, 
and Ben Allison will respond direclty to questions.

For journalists and budding journalists eager to disseminate their 
opinions beyond their original publications - Record Reviews  is back 
and we've added a new forum: Live Reviews.

We've also added a new forum, by request -  Jazz in Print - Books, 
Magazine and Photos - where you add your own photos, articles or refer 
with links to articles you wrote or are of interest to you....There's 
also a new Classifieds section and an Audiophile forum.

To use Speakeasy you need to register (or reregister, if you used to use 
the old Speakeasy) - http://jazzcorner.com/speakeasy and then come on 
in. If you have any questions, we're just an email away: 

As for JAZZJOURNALISTSAWARDS.COM -- we're getting the finalists nominees 
for the Jazz Awards right now, as you are, and we'll be updating the 
site for the JJA in new and attractive ways. Please give us a visit.

Lastly, all the names listed below have their complete websites with 
jazzcorner.  Please visit them, use them as a resource and please 
contact any of them through their website or jazzcorner for interviews 
and press materials.

And thank you JJA - for everything you do for us!


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