[jja-announce] Online Forum on Writing Well

James Hale jhale at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 8 16:54:42 EST 2003

Writing For Your Life -- An Online Forum, Dec. 22

Whether we write regularly for a daily newspaper, publish articles in 
monthly jazz magazines or contribute CD reviews to Web sites, we face 
common issues: keeping our work fresh; understanding our audience; 
working with editors; meeting deadlines; maintaining an effective 
critical stance; overcoming writer's block; etc.

On December 22, from 8 to 11 p.m. Eastern, you're invited to join an 
online discussion on the joys and challenges of writing about jazz. 
Simply log on to jazzhouse.org and follow the link to the forum.

Panelists for the evening include: Dan Ouellette (DownBeat); Paul de 
Barros (DownBeat, Seattle Post-Intelligencer); Mark Miller (Globe and 
Mail); Bill Bennett (JazzTimes); Larry Blumenfeld (Jazziz); Zan Stewart 
(Los Angeles Times); Steve Dollar (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 
Newsday); Aaron Cohen (DownBeat), Bill Bennett (JazzTimes); Yoshi Kato 
(San Jose Mercury-News, Contra Costa Times); Art Lange (Coda); Todd 
Jenkins (DownBeat). Moderators are Howard Mandel and James Hale.

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