[jja-announce] Jazz Notes deadline

David R. Adler davidradler@hotmail.com
Tue, 01 Jul 2003 12:06:25 -0400

Hi members -- this is just a quick announcement/reminder regarding the copy
deadline for the next issue of Jazz Notes, due out in early September.

That deadline is August 1. Please send all News of Members items, letters,
festival diaries, Jazz Gumbos, What's Your Takes, President's Reports, and
all other previously assigned material to davidradler@hotmail.com by August

A word about News of Members of items: these must be in the form of a
single, short paragraph beginning with your name, e.g., "David Adler is
composing an e-mail about the next Jazz Notes deadline." Jazz Notes reserves
the right to edit entries as necessary.

Please DO NOT send press releases; they will be deleted faster than you can
say "Klactoveedsedstene." Also, please DO NOT forward this call for entries
to people outside the JJA membership. Thank you.

Have a very happy July 4th weekend!

All the best,

David Adler
Editor, Jazz Notes