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Tue Jul 15 20:54:00 EDT 2003

Dumela Folks's

I've just been invited to present a=A05 hour music radio show on Cape =
Talk 567 in the Cape and 702 Radio in Gauteng and Natal (the only music =
show on the respective stations) on Saturday July 19, from 19h00 to =
24h00 South African time. So, should you find yourself at a loose end, =
not doing a gig or wish to stay at home on the Saturday Night/Day (which =
I hope you will) and listen and perhaps call in on the show in it would =
be great. You can tune in via the internet at =

This is a trial show for me and hopefully this will lead to a regular =
Saturday night gig on the stations. There is no name for the show just =
yet but that will come with the second show. My current station Fine =
Music Radio has no problem with me doing the show on an ongoing basis as =
does Cape Talk 567 / 702 Radio. What is exiting is that it's a national =
show broadcasting around the country as well as internationally via the =
web address mentioned above.

I hope you'll be able to join me on the night/day depending on your time =
zone. The On-Air Studio telephone number is +27 21-480-9567 should you =
wish to give me a call.

Here's some of what you can expect during the show:

There will be a wide range of music that should please the Cape Talk/702 =
listeners. The repertoire would include a mixture of classic, =
mainstream, contemporary jazz of drawn from the ages and would include =
music covering various timelines of the jazz with a strong focus on =
vocal jazz. South African music would be included as the last few years =
have shown a huge growth in the quality and quantity of S. A. music, =
which I'm personally very proud of.=20

The program in future will include some musical trivia, an entertainment =
guide for the week ahead for both the Cape, Gauteng and Natal areas, =
special features such as an Artist or Album of the Week, Birthdays fro =
the week ahead, Wacky Word of the Week , Weekly Humourscope, Songfacts, =
current music news and other listener friendly interactive features.=20

Further focus would be given to the S. A. music community and also music =
education, which has ways been under great pressure. Music promoters, =
musicians and other guests connected to the entertainment industry would =
be invited for interviews on the program from time to time. In other =
words a show for musicians. I have total free choice of the music that =
will be played, lucky devil ain't I.

Hope to see you on the wireless on Saturday and I'm looking forward to =
hearing from you soon

See it . with your own ears
Yours in Music
Eric Alan

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Cape Town, South Africa
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Radio Show Host: "JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT" (Current Programme name) =
on Cape Talk 567/702 Radio
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development of S. A. Music. (Independent Communications Authority of =
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Stores also at The Zone, Rosebank, Sandton City, Sandton, Johannesburg & =
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When in Cape Town remember to tune in to The "Jazz Rendezvous" on Fine =
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