[jja-announce] Jazz Notes - final reminder

David R. Adler davidradler at nyc.rr.com
Sun Oct 19 18:23:31 EDT 2003

Dear Members:

1. Please note that the editorial e-mail address for Jazz Notes has changed.
>From this point forward, please use davidradler at nyc.rr.com and delete my
hotmail address. Burn it and stomp on it for good measure.

2. Please remember that all copy for the December issue of Jazz Notes is due
by November 1, 2003. All News of Members items, regular features and
solicited articles should be sent to davidradler at nyc.rr.com.

3. Thanks to a printer error, the articles appearing on pp. 14-17 of the
current Jazz Notes (the blue one) are slightly scrambled. Patricia Myers's
"Le Jazz Hot" begins on page 14 and continues on page 16. Carla and Jason
Rupp's "Hampton Jazz Festival 2003" begins on page 15 and continues on page
17. Please forgive the inconvenience.

Thank you all and please be in touch.


David R. Adler
Editor, Jazz Notes

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