[jja-announce] Voting Machine Irregularities

Whit Blauvelt whit at transpect.com
Wed Apr 28 23:58:47 EDT 2004

This only concerns you if you voted online today.

For those who voted today, if your name isn't in the list below (as of 10:45
p.m. EST) please vote again. Several voters apparently went to view the
Photo of the Year entries and then used the "Ballot" button on the page to
return to the ballot rather than the "Back" button in the browser - and
didn't notice that this erased all their other votes plus their names.
Apologies! The Photo page now has additional Back buttons replacing those
misleading Ballot ones (which would have been useful for those viewing the
photos first, but obviously were bad design because of this lost-vote

Completed ballots came in by 10:45 p.m. from:

John Abbott
marcela breton
Phil DiPietro
steve dollar
Laurence Donohue-Greene
Ken Dryden
Jim Eigo
Ken Franckling
Ira Gitler
Stephen Graham
James Hale
Willard Jenkins
Elzy Kolb
Rozanne Levine
Tom Mallison(TomtheJazzman)
michelle mercer
Theodore Panken
bob porter
Alyn Shipton
arnold jay smith
Laurence Svirchev
Lee Tanner
Scott Thompson
Wayne Thompson
Scott Yanow

Again, if you made the effort of voting and you aren't listed, please vote

In abjection,

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