[jja-announce] Survey now working

James Hale jhale at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 23 16:48:34 EST 2004

Okay, once again apologies for the technical problems.
We've tested it several times today and all seems to be working.
Thanks to all who e-mailed to let me know there was a problem; it's 
encouraging to see so many JJAers were anxious to have their voices 
heard via the survey.
At the risk of sounding like a bad voice message... your comments are 
important to us, and will have an impact on how the Interim Board plans 
for the future of your organization.
Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey form.
You can find it (hopefully in working condition) at:  

Whatever your persuasion... all the best for a restful holiday and a 
peaceful 2005.

James Hale

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