[jja-announce] Jazz Notes book reviews, corrections, etc.

David R. Adler davidradler at nyc.rr.com
Mon Dec 27 11:28:42 EST 2004

Dear JJA,

Hope you are enjoying your holiday season as much as I am.

To everyone who responded to Howard's call for Jazz Notes book reviewers:

Thank you! Be assured that I have received your e-mails. You're all on my
list of ready & willing volunteers.

I also wanted to note that in the latest Jazz Notes, Charles Suhor's article
should have been subtitled "A Tale of Three Cities" -- NOT "A Tale of Two
Cities." The error is entirely mine -- I slipped into subconscious mode when
I had to retype the headline during production. Apparently I remained in
subconscious mode during proofreading.

Thanks again for your attention and involvement, and all the best for a
great New Year.


David Adler
Editor, Jazz Notes

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