[jja-announce] call for your "best" article/photo of '03

Jazzmandel at aol.com Jazzmandel at aol.com
Fri Jan 2 17:26:49 EST 2004

Hi JJA members -- 

Would you like your best to be more widely read? Getting ready for IAJE, 
Jazzhouse would like to feature whatever you've written (or photographed -- sorry, 
broadcasters, we still can't post soundfiles) in 2003 that you'd like to have 
seen online. 

Please send these pieces to me, hman at jazzhouse.org, in the body of an e-mail, 
in TEXT FORMAT or ASCII, which will save me from having to re-format them. 
That means: Please, no curly quotes, italics or boldfaces. Also, no accent marks 
like graves, agues, cedillas, umlats. Length, however, is no problem. There's 
no deadline for this call, and I'm busy so they will go up a few at a time, 
but your articles will be headlined on the opening page of Jazzhouse (as the 
"10 best lists" are right now) and will be seen by the thousands of visitors we 
get, monthly. 

Thanks -- and may this be part of a happy New Year -- 


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