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Thu Jan 15 13:39:55 EST 2004

Dear JJA friends, enemies and colleagues:

The IAJE conference begins next Wednesday, Jan 21, in NYC, and runs through 
Saturday Jan. 24. The JJA has a slew of meetings as well as a party at Iridium, 
co-sponsored by New School Jazz, and I've detailed them below, along with 
notes on some panel discussions research papers, and a special presentation at 
Tonic that might be of special interest to you. 

The party is free to JJA members, at Iridium, on Friday Jan 23 from 4:30 to 7 
p.m. -- wine and beer, hor d'ouevres, music by Buster Williams' Ensemble and 
two groups from the New School Jazz program, mixing professional faculty (Joe 
Chambers, Cecil Bridgewater, etc.) with their excellent students. Details of 
the Tonic event, also on Friday and at 8 p.m. (set up by JJA member Stuart 
Broomer, editor of CODA and guitarist of note), are at the very end of this 

If you're planning to attend the JJA meetings, you can probably do so without 
registering for the rest of the IAJE conference, because they're scheduled in 
rooms you don't have to have conference id's to enter. If you have an 
assignment to cover IAJE, you should contact Don Lucoff, Dondlmedia at covad.net. If you 
want to look at the schedule in detail, go to www.iaje.org.

Thursday 10 a.m:
Panel: Going Mainstream - Jazz in the Non-Jazz Media. Getting jazz covered by 
the mainstream media is more difficult than ever, be it on network TV and 
radio or in national magazines, daily papers and wire syndicates. This 
provocative panel will provide insight about the challenges for writers, editors, 
producers and others seeking to showcase the music to a broad non-jazz audience. 
Moderator: Jeff Levenson, Half Note Records. Panelists: George Varga, San Diego 
Union-Tribune; Marquita Pool Eckert, CBS News "Sunday Morning;" Eric Gibson, 
Wall Street Journal; Michelle Mercer, NPR; Nekesa Moody, Associated Press. 
Location: New York Ballroom B, Sheraton Hotel.

Thursday, 11 a.m. to 12: p.m.
Workshop: The Jazz Journalists Association: Who Asked You, Anyway? Session 1 
This three-part hands-on workshop will cover the rudiments of jazz reviewing, 
including one-on-one critique of an actual performance review from the 
conference. Students with outstanding reviews could be published in the Jazz 
Education Journal. In this first of three sessions, instructors will cover the basics 
of writing a review of a jazz performance. Handouts of model reviews will be 
given to students for reference. Students will be assigned a 750-word review of 
any Thursday performance, due the following day in class. Clinicians: Paul de 
Barros, Dan Oullette. Location: Concourse D, Hilton Hotel.

the JJA Writers Workshops continue on
Friday 1/23, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Concourse D, Concourse Level - Hilton 
with JJA members editing/mentoring students 

and Sat 1/24 11:00 - 12;00pm
  Bryant Suite, 2nd floor, Hilton
with JJA members selecting the best of the rewritten reviews

there's also a JJA National Annual Meeting on Sat 1/24, 12:00 - 2:00
on the agenda is JJA attny Steve Robinson discussing the draft of our new 
bylaws, and plans for the Jazz Awards 2004; discretionary award winner 
nominations and celebrations; topics for JJA panels at summer 2004 jazz festivals (New 
Orleans, Vancouver, Chicago, Newport, Monterey, San Francisco, etc.)

Thursday, 3 p.m.
Panel: Researching Legendary Jazz Greats. Scholastic research of jazz 
musicians is sometimes difficult to locate because of misplaced or non-documented 
materials. This panel of experts will share insights on researching jazz greats 
for thesis and dissertation; locating and documenting archives; preparing for 
book publishing, recordings, and performance using Mary Lou Williams as a 
subject. Includes the published works of Dave Douglas, David Baker, and Geri Allen. 
Moderator: Penelope Williams. Panelists: Annie Kuebler, Tammy Kernodle, 
Father Peter O'Brien, Dr. Billy Taylor, Geri Allen. Location: Royal Ballroom B, 
Sheraton Hotel. 

Thursday, 5 p.m.
Panel: Critics and Musicians: A Conversation. Top working critics and players 
discuss art, commerce, and what makes for good criticism. Moderator: Larry 
Blumenfeld, Jazziz editor. Panelists: David Hajdu, New Republic; Gene Seymour, 
Newsday; Ted Panken, WKCR; Dr. Billy Taylor, Dave Douglas, and Arturo 
O'Farrill, musicians. Location: New York Ballroom B, Sheraton Hotel. 

Friday 10 a.m.
Clinic: Ira Gitler: A Life in Jazz. A one-on-one discussion with jazz critic 
and author Ira Gitler. His many years on the jazz scene will guarantee 
wonderful personal stories about the world of jazz from the bebop era to the present. 
Questions and answers will be encouraged from audience members. Clinician: 
Steve Schwartz. Presiding: Steve Schwartz. Location: Royal Ballroom B, Sheraton 

Friday, 1 p.m.
Research Presentation: Where Music Journalism, National Culture and Etymology 
Collide. Presenter: Mark Holston, Kalispell, MT. Location: Riverside 
Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel. 1 p.m.

Friday, 3 p.m.
Panel: Pardon the Musical Interruption. Colleagues Branford Marsalis and Bob 
Blumenthal pay homage to PTI, their favorite TV show, with its uniquely 
freewheeling yet structured format that allows the two men to disagree about nearly 
everything. Blumenthal, working on his comb-over, and Marsalis, in his new 
role as artist-entrepreneur, will take on a wide range of jazz-related topics, 
until the bell rings. First topic in the rundown is the jazz record industry. 
Plus, five good minutes with a special guest. Looking for our jazz Statboy, but 
we know this show won't stink. Rack it. Location: New York Ballroom B, 
Sheraton Hotel. 

Friday, 3 p.m.
Panel: Jazz Police Beware: The Secret Relationship Between Jazz and Hip-Hop. 
Despite arguments from jazz purists that "hip-hop music" is an oxymoron, many 
young musicians now see no moral conflict in working with both jazz and urban 
music. Artists from the jazz and hip-hop realms will discuss their experiences 
and views on the nature of the relationship between these two sometimes 
contentious communities. Moderator: Dawn M. Norfleet Ph.D.; Panelists: Teodross 
Avery, Russell Gunn, Imani Uzuri, Christian McBride, and Vijay Iyer . Location: 
Royal Ballroom B, Sheraton Hotel. 

Saturday, 10 a.m.
Panel: Has The Internet Helped Jazz? This freewheeling discussion will focus 
on the current state of jazz on the web and what's upcoming, with detailed 
emphasis on the medium's impact on sales and marketing, and how that may change. 
Moderator: Bret Primack, newmusicbiz.info. Panelists: Michael Ricci, All About 
Jazz; Ben Allison, Jazz Composers Collective; Leni Stern; Frank Tafuri, Omni 
Tone Records. Location: New York Ballroom A, Sheraton Hotel. 

Saturday, 3 p.m.
Panel: Newport at 50: Then & Now. An anecdotal look at the legacy of the 
world's first jazz festival and its impact on the history of jazz. Moderator: Dan 
Morgenstern, Institute of Jazz Studies. Panelists: Dave Brubeck; George Wein, 
Festival Productions Inc.; Fred Taylor, Sculler's; Michel Camilo; Marian 
McPartland. Location: New York Ballroom B, Sheraton Hotel. 

Saturday, 4 p.m.
Panel: Racial Considerations in Jazz Journalism.(JJA sponsored panel) Black, 
white, or other - musicians, writers, listeners and readers face complex 
questions about multi-cultural presentation and inter-race relations with virtually 
every jazz encounter. Can writers comprehend music from the point of view of 
the people who make it? Can musicians be true to their personal values and 
identities and reach broad audiences? Should audiences reflect the heritage of 
the music? And what if they don't? These and other questions discussed by a 
thoroughly integrated panel of clear thinkers. Moderator: Howard Mandel, JJA; 
Panelists: Tom Terrell, Vibe; Francis Davis, Atlantic Monthly; Vijay Iyer; Felix 
Contreras, NPR; Gary Bartz; Willard Jenkins, Open Sky. Location: New York 
Ballroom A, Sheraton Hotel. 

Saturday, 5 p.m.
Panel: Down Beat First-Person Project with Roy Haynes. Drummer Roy Haynes has 
played almost the entire history of jazz, from big bands and the roots of 
bebop, to the avant-garde and innovations behind the kit up to today. Expect 
nothing but brutal honesty and humor from Haynes in what promises to be an enter
taining and thought-provoking live interview with correspondent Paul de Barros 
and one of the true legends of the music. Location: New York Ballroom B, 
Sheraton Hotel. 5 pm

I'm hopeful you've read this entire megillah. JJA members including Sy 
Johnson, R. Andrew Lepley, Fred Bouchard and David Adler will be covering IAJE with 
photos and articles on Jazzhouse and in Jazz Notes.

best, Howard

January 23, 2004 at 8 pm

Finding Paul Haines: A Tribute To The Late Jazz-Poet, Music Colloquialist, 
Video Artist, Teacher And Outfielder

Organized by JJA member Stuart Broomer, editor, Coda Magazine;
Featuring Roswell Rudd, Evan Parker, Michael Snow, George Cartwright, Syd 
Straw, Emily Haines And Empty Room, Karen Mantler and others TBA.
btw Delancey and Rivington

 F train to Delancey
 J / M / or Z  trains to Essex
 Walk  east on Delancey (towards Williamsburg Bridge)
 1st left on to Norfolk St

 About Paul Haines

American-born (1933) Canadian jazz-poet and, great textualist to the avant 
garde, Paul Haines is best known to jazz fans for his work as a lyricist with 
composer Carla Bley, specifically the hugely ambitious concept album ESCALATOR 
OVER THE HILL(1971) and its follow-up, TROPIC APPETITES(1973). His poems have 
also been played into music by Paul Bley, Robert Wyatt, Evan Parker, John
Tchichai, George Cartwright, Derek Bailey, John Oswald, Michael Snow, Roswell 
Rudd, Steve Swallow and many others. In 1994, the American Clave label 
released the double-disc DARN IT! POEMS BY PAUL HAINES, MUSICS BY MANY, a tribute 
featuring musicians of all stripes interpreting Haines' texts. His liner notes 
and other writings on music are fed by the abundance of his delight in hearing 
licks and dancing his words around them in kaleidoscopic turns of 
phrase, jokes, tender non-sequitors, cryptic abbreviations to some common 
grand unknown.

Paul Haines passed away suddenly at his home, Easterly, in Ennismore, 
Ontario, on January 21, 2003.

Listen to a great BBC Profile of Paul Haines:

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