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Mon Jan 19 14:08:55 EST 2004

Hey JJA people -- 

my mistake about Stuart Broomer's role in the Paul Haines event -- Stuart 
didn't organize it, Verna Gillis did. Verna is a most effective music activist, 
former principle of Soundscape, a wonderful performance space of the '80s as 
well as producer of Roswell Rudd's MaliCool record and lots of other notable 
joys. Sorry, Verna --

also, another recommended IAJE meeting: 


9:00 a.m.

Clinic: Writing for the JEJ. The Jazz Education Journal is looking for 
authors to submit high-quality manuscripts for potential publication. Session will 
cover author guidelines, potential article topics, and the JEJ review process. 
Clinician: Leslie Sabina. Presiding: Sandy Nelson, IAJE Publications Director. 
Location: Royal Ballroom A, Sheraton Hotel.

Les Sabina writes: "I realize that JJA members don't need this "how-to" but 
hopefully there will be some discussion about topics I would like to see 
investigated and possible changes to the JEJ.  Also, instructors from the JJA "Who 
Asked You, Anyway?" workshop may want to point attendees in this direction."

To see my recommendations about IAJE again, go to Jazzhouse.org and look in 
the BBS -- it's posted as "JJA @ IAJE: Party, panels, and Paul Haines event." 
Don't forget, the party is 4:30 to 7 p.m. Friday, Jan 23 at Iridium -- it's 
STRICTLY first come first entry, and we're only letting 150 in the joint at any 
one time.

see ya Howard

Please distribute this info if you feel it's appropriate.


Les Sabina

Editor, JEJ and JJA member

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