[jja-announce] Monday's online forum

James Hale jhale at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 18 20:39:20 EST 2004

As a JJA member, you are encouraged to take part -- however briefly -- 
in an online forum Monday, March 22 from 8 to 11 p.m. Eastern time.
The topic of racism and jazz -- and more specifically, racism and jazz 
journalism -- is an important one, and we hope that we can generate 
some positive suggestions to counter the comments made at this year's 
IAJE conference (see Howard and Willard's columns in the new issue of 
JazzNotes for more details).

To participate, here's what you need to do:

Direct your browser to www.jazzhouse.org anytime between 8 and 11.
Follow the link on the main page to the InterActiview forum on Racism 
and Jazz.
Enter 'guest' as your username in the space provided.
Enter 'race' as your password, where prompted.

The forum software provides a help page if you have any problems. You 
don't need a high-speed connection to participate. If you plan to spend 
some time on the forum it's advisable to refresh your page view 
frequently to ensure you're getting the latest messages. You can post 
comments, answer other comments, as you like. Howard, Willard and 
myself will be acting as moderators throughout the evening.

If you have any SERIOUS technical problems during the forum, you can 
e-mail me: jhale at sympatico.ca or Howard: jazzmandel at aol.com and we'll 
see if we can sort you out.

Remember, this is a MEMBERS-ONLY forum, so please respect the privacy 
of the password.

Hope to see many of you online Monday evening (or early Tuesday if 
you're outside North America).

James Hale
Managing Editor

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