[jja-announce] nominations ballot reminder, online forum explanation/reminder

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Mon Mar 22 12:33:22 EST 2004

Folks, if you haven't already turned in your completed nominations ballot, 
please do so. I've posted a ballot to be filled in at the bottom of this e-mail. 
We're looking for at most 3 nominations in each category, and I've really got 
to have these by Wednesday 3/24. 

Also, please log onto the Online forum at Jazzhouse.org at 8 p.m. EST 
tonight, 3/22. The issue is "Racial Considerations in Jazz Journalism" -- yeah, a 
topic that's obsessing many in the US jazz community, as we discovered at the 
IAJE panel discussion of the same title which I moderated, with Felix Contreras, 
Vijay Iyer, Francis Davis, Willard Jenkins, Gary Bartz and Tom Terrell as 
panelists. The audience was up in arms that we a) didn't have a woman panelist 
(Nkessa Moody had been invited but bowed out; further invitations were proffered, 
but not accepted); b) didn't talk about Latinos/Hispanic in jazz until Felix 
brought it up; c) seemed to represent the "authority" of the white press. It 
was a hostile reaction, and the panelists were also at odds with each other, or 
miscommunicating, it seemed. Let's see if we can make some real progrss on 
this topic tonight. James Hale (jhale at sympatico.ca) can send you instructions if 
you don't have them already. 

And now, below my signature, an empty ballot. Copy and paste, fill it in and 
send to:

hman at jazzhouse.org 

By the way, the Discretionary Awards event will take place in Los Angeles, at 
the Jazz Bakery, on June 21, with musicians including Jeff Gauthier, Alex 
Cline, etc. and Awards honorees (as well as ticket prices, etc.) tba.

best wishes -- Howard

Only full JJA members (*not* our support members) may nominate and vote in 
the Jazz Awards. If you do not feel qualified to vote in a given category, or 
overall, please refrain. 

Besides the New York Jazz Awards ceremony, the JJA plans to present 
Discretionary Awards (nominated by the JJA board in collaboration with the Jazz 
Foundation of America) for services "To and Beyond Jazz" in other locales this year. 
Specifics of those events will also follow.

1. Lifetime Achievement in Jazz (past winners: Benny Carter, Max Roach, Sonny 
Rollins, Ornette Coleman, John Lewis, Clark Terry, Cecil Taylor -- these 
gentlemen are NOT eligible again)

2. Musician of the Year (achievement in sound recordings, live concert 
performances and overall presence, April 15, 2003-March 20, 2004) 

3. Up & Coming Artist of the Year

4. Jazz Album of the Year (Issued April 15, 2004 - March 20, 2004) 

5. Jazz Reissue of the Year, single CD

6. Jazz Reissue of the Year, boxed set

7. Jazz Record Label of the Year

8. Jazz Events Producer of the Year 

9. Jazz Composer of the Year 

10. Jazz Arranger of the Year

11. Male Jazz Singer of the Year

12. Female Jazz Singer of the Year 

13. Latin Jazz Album of the Year 

14. Small Ensemble of the Year (octet or smaller) 

15. Large Ensemble of the Year (nonet or larger, including big bands, jazz 
orchestras, contemporary symphonies, et. al.) 

16. Trumpeter of the Year 

17. Trombonist of the Year

18. Miscellaneous Instrumentalist of the Year 

19. Alto Saxophonist of the Year

20. Tenor Saxophonist of the Year 

21. Soprano Saxophonist of the Year 

22. Baritone Saxophonist of the Year 

23. Clarinetist of the Year 

24. Flutist of the Year

25. Pianist of the Year

26. Organ-Keyboards of the Year 

27. Guitarist of the Year 

28. Acoustic Bassist of the Year 

29. Electric Bassist of the Year 

30. Strings Player of the Year (violin, cello, kora, harp, etc.)

31. Mallets Player of the Year (vibes, marimba, etc.)

32. Percussionist of the Year 

33. Drummer of the Year 


1. Jazz Journalism Lifetime Achievement Award (past winners: Whitney 
Balliett, Stanley Dance, Nat Hentoff, Dan Morgenstern, Ira Gitler, Gary Giddins -- 
they are not eligible again) 

2. Excellence in Jazz Broadcasting/the Willis Conover-Marian McPartland Award 
(This has been turned into a one-time-only award, and your three nominees 
should come from *different* stations, according to the ballot committee. Past 
winners, thus 
ineligible, are: Neil Tesser, Marian McPartland, Dr. Billy Taylor, Phil 
Schaap, Michael Bourne, Kenny Washington, Alyn Shipton)

3. Excellence in Photography/the Lona Foote-Bob Parent Award  This has 
become, de facto, a one-time-only-award, recognizing sustained excellence rather 
than excellence over the preceeding year. Past winners: William, William 
Gottlieb, Herman Leonard, Chuck Stewart, Enid Farber, Ken Franckling.

4. Excellence in Newspaper, Magazine or Online Feature or Review Writing/the 
Helen Dance-Robert Palmer Award  (No restrictions, but past honorees are: 
Howard Mandel, Gary Giddins (thrice), Bob 
Blumenthal. Use your own discretion.)

5. Best Periodical Covering Jazz (Jazz Times has won this award 4 times in a 

6. Best Website concentrating on Jazz(AllAboutJazz has won this 2 times, 
Jazzhouse.org is not eligible)

7. Best Book on Jazz

8. Best Jazz Photo of the Year (submit via jpeg to Whit at transpect.com)

*   *   *

Ballot Committee:
Ken Dryden, jazzcritic at juno.com, chairman

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