[jja-announce] Jazz Notes deadline, one month and counting...

David R. Adler davidradler at nyc.rr.com
Wed Mar 31 21:35:42 EST 2004

Hi members -- a quick note to inform you/remind you that the next Jazz Notes
deadline is May 1.

Let me also say that this deadline is particularly unforgiving, because
Volume 15, No. 2 MUST be in our hands in time for the Jazz Awards on June
15. Please, I CANNOT make this happen without your help.

Start sending in your News of Members items: in the form of one short
paragraph beginning with your name, e.g., "Rod Stewart has released an album
of jazz standards," etc.

To those I've spoken with about book reviews and articles: any questions or
concerns, let me know ASAP. I look forward to getting 'em on or before May

I believe this will be my one-year anniversary issue as editor. Many thanks
to everyone for a very fulfilling ride thus far.

All the best,

David Adler
Editor, Jazz Notes

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