[jja-announce] Double-checking that your ballot has counted

Whit Blauvelt whit at transpect.com
Mon May 10 10:25:47 EDT 2004

Hi all,

There have been a few spoiled ballots (for example, without names), and for
all we know they were submitted by nonmembers and we shouldn't worry. But
just in case you made the effort to vote and some glitch intervened, here's
the list of those we have good ballots from (not yet verified against the
membership list) as of 9 a.m. EST today (Monday). If you are a regular
member and don't see your name on the list, please vote if you'd like to
before Wednesday evening. When you do vote, it may be best to look at the
photos of the year first, and then go to the ballot, just to be sure that
your browser doesn't drop values you've filled in when going between those
two pages (usually they won't, but there have been a few ballots that looked
like this could have happened).

The list of voters with good ballots in:

John Abbott
David Adler
Larry Appelbaum
Nancy Barell
Bill Beuttler
Bob Blumenthal
philip booth
marcela breton
Stuart Broomer
Rex Butters
Alan Chase
Nate Chinen
Owen Cordle
Jerry D'Souza
Francis Davis
Lourdes Delgado
lauren Deutsch
Phil DiPietro
steve dollar
Laurence Donohue-Greene
Ken Dryden
David Dupont
Jim Eigo
steve emerine
Yvonne Ervin
Enid Farber
Anne Farnsworth
Mitchell Feldman
Ken Franckling
Jon Garelick
andrew gilbert
Lois Gilbert
Howard Gitelson
Ira Gitler
Stephen Graham
James Hale
Jon Hammond
Rusty Hassan
Tad Hen
Alex Henderson
Naeemah Hicks
Geoffrey Himes
Patrick Hinely
Eduardo Hojman
C. Andrew Hovan
Cheryl Hughey
Nils Jacobson
Dr. Jazz
Todd Jenkins
Willard Jenkins
Leslie Johnson
Fred Jung
ashley kahn
George Kanzler
John Kelman
Elzy Kolb
Walter Kolosky
Rozanne Levine
Tom Mallison(TomtheJazzman)
Greg Masters
michelle mercer
Lee Mergner
Bill Milkowski
Mark Miller
Dan Ouellette
Victor Ovchinnikov
Theodore Panken
Beth Peerless
Roberta Penn
bob porter
Bob Protzman
Bobby Ramirez
Doug Ramsey
Michael Ricci
Virginia Schaefer
Steve Schwartz
chris sheridan
richard shevlin
Alyn Shipton
arnold jay smith
W. Royal Stokes
steven sussman
Laurence Svirchev
Lee Tanner
Neil Tesser
Scott Thompson
Wayne Thompson
Jim Trageser
Penny Tyler
Melvin Walden-James
michael wilderman
Alan Wilkins
Scott Yanow
Linda Yohn
Kazue Yokoi
Mike Zwerin


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