[jja-announce] Nominate Interim JJA Directors -- view Bylaws

Jazzmandel at aol.com Jazzmandel at aol.com
Mon Oct 4 09:19:24 EDT 2004

Greetings members -- 

We've finally made good on the announcement I made in the President's Message 
of the current Jazz Notes. The Interim Bylaws are on view at Jazzhouse.org, 
and you are URGED to nominate people for the 7 seats of the Interim Board of 
Directors, which will, starting in January, draft Comprehensive Bylaws that will 
be offered to the members for approval no later than next fall. 

The Bylaws and Nominations applications are available to members only -- you 
must sign in to see them at Jazzhouse with the username and password that you 
use to access the database. (If you don't remember these key words, e-mail me, 
hman at jazzhouse.org). Support members and Jazz Awards sponsors are not 
eligible to vote for the Interim Directors. You can use other means to send in 
nominations than doing it electronically, but all the details are explained in the 
bylaws (which were drafted by JJA attny Steven Robinson, with the consultation 
of Laurence Svirchev, Susan Fox, Art Lange, Willard Jenkins, AJ Smith, Jerry d
'Souza, James Hale, and Ken Dryden -- to whom your nominations will be 
e-mailed -- among others. 

There is a FAQ posted with the Bylaws, and there will be a JJA Interactiview 
On-Line Forum regarding the bylaws and nominations on Monday, Oct. 11, from 8 
p.m. EST until we're done. Robinson and I will be there to discuss it, along 
with other members, and James Hale will moderate. 

Please please please go take a glance at the Bylaws, and then go to the 
nominations applications and make your suggestions as to who should guide the JJA 
during our important transitional period. 

thanks -- Howard

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