[jja-announce] at last, CDRs of "How To Get A Book Deal" available

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Fri Sep 24 16:43:41 EDT 2004

Hey JJA members, 

Some of you have contacted me asking what happened to your ordered (and paid 
for) CDRs of the JJA's informative Jazz Matters panel "How To Get A Book Deal, 
Really." This panel featured book agent Sarah Lazin, writer-editor-packager 
Holly George Warren, Oxford University Press editor Kim Robinson, JJA member 
authors John Szwed and Ashley Kahn, and was organize & moderated by Lara 
Pelligrinelli, and revealed a lot of information that remains pertinent about what 
kind of proposals and projects are being sought by agents and publishers, as 
well as the book business overall.

Well, the duped CDRs were much in demand, and we ran out, but now my able 
assistant Joe Petrucelli has duplicated another batch, and we will send them out 
to those of you who already bought them (often with your first membership 
dues) or those who want them now. If yours is a new order, make out a check for 
$12 to Jazz Journalists Association, send it to Arnold Jay Smith, 436 State St., 
Brooklyn, NY 11217, and when Arnold tells me he's received it, I'll have the 
2 CDR set sent to you. If you've already bought, let me know by email to 
Hman at jazzhouse.org.

We have other Jazz Matters panels for purchase, also for $12 (covering 
duplication and mailing) on "Jazz and Contemporary Classical Intersect," (with Frank 
J. Oteri, New Music Box, Anne Midgette of the New York Times, and Johanna 
Keller, currently dean of Syracuse University's new journalistic criticism 
program, among others) and "Bright Spots in the Jazz Industry," with Thomas Bellino 
(then director of the Doris Duke Jazz Fellowship program administered by 
Chamber Music America), Jeff Levinson (board member of the Jazz Alliance 
International, producer for Half Note Records), Joan Jeffries (Columbia University 
Teachers College director of an NEA-sponsored needs assessment study of jazz 
musicians in NY, Detroit, San Francisco and New Orleans), Don Lucoff, publicist 
extraordinaire, and James Browne (owner-manager of Sweet Rhythm nightclub in NYC). 
To get these, send checks to Arnold telling him which you want. They both run 
about 60 minutes, and are lively discussions.  

And the next season of Jazz Matters begins October 13 at the New School Jazz 
and Contemporary Music Program's performance space, fifth floor, 55 W. 13th 
St., NYC, from 6 to 8 p.m. Watch Jazzhouse for details on topics and guests. 

best, Howard 

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