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Wed Dec 14 13:48:13 EST 2005

Dear JJA Member:

Voting will be activated for the new Board within a few days. Additional reminders will be sent, including one when the website ballot is available. Please read the following message from President Mandel.


Ken Dryden

>From the Pres:

The Jazz Journalists Association here conducts its first election under by-laws adopted in October 2005 of seven directors to sit on its board. Each full professional member of the JJA -- not student or support members -- may vote for seven of the nine candidates on this ballot. Votes will be secret, and tabulated electronically. Results will be posted by e-mail to all JJA members within 24 hours of the end of voting. 

The board of directors of the JJA is responsible for the direction of the organization and implimentation of its plans and programs. The board of directors appoints officers, including a president, secretary, and treasurer. Directors sit on action committees and will be responsible for attending at least four board meetings during a year. 

In order to institute an annual rotation of directors who will hereafter serve two year terms, of the seven directors elected by this vote three will serve for one year, and four will serve for two years, as determined by a draw of straws. At present, no term limits are imposed on directors. 

Newly elected directors of the JJA will be installed during the International Association for Jazz Education conference in New York City, January 9 - 12. 

Howard Mandel
151 1st Ave.
NY NY 10003
phone 212 533 9495
cell 212 533 4952
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