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Sat Dec 31 13:25:47 EST 2005

Hi, all --

Best regards and many thanks *especially* to all JJA members for continued 
commitment to the organization throughout this just ending, very formative year. 

Looking ahead -- JJA members are scheduled everywhere and all the time 
through upcoming IAJE, where we're co-hosting a special toast to 30 visiting 
Scandanavian jazz journalists at the Hilton on Thursday, Jan. at 10:30 p.m.

Looking back -- the JJA made huge advances as a professional organization 
thanks to the continuous efforts of many members, friends, sponsors, volunteers 
and colleagues. We secured legal status as a not-for-profit corporation 
registered in the State of New York, protected by trademarks and service marks. With 
dues and contributions tax-deductable, we raised funds to support a modest but 
better organized budget, principally through the bi-coastal ninth annual Jazz 
Awards (sm), benefitting the Jazz Foundation of America's Musicians Emergency 
Fund as well as ourselves. 

With organizational backing, JJA members have produced public "Jazz Matters" 
panels widely,   stimulating critical thinking at jazz festivals, clubs and 
schools, co-coordinating the first ever National Critics Conference, convening 
the JJA's first class of fellows selected in honor of the late Harlem-based 
jazz reporter Clarence Atkins. Members have redesigned Jazz Notes, sustained and 
updated Jazzhouse.org, activted a membership campaign, and now voted in the 
first board of directors under bylaws and a practices and procedures document 
adopted by an interim board in autumn 2005. 

The follow seven nominees received the most votes among nine nominees for 
election to the JJA's board of directors: 

Forrest Bryant
Francis Davis
Susan Fox
Reuben Jackson
Fred Jung
James Hale
Howard Mandel

There is information about each of these directors at Jazzhouse.org, in the 
BBS -- their contact #s are available to JJA members through the members' 
database. These directors will serve in two classes, three for one and four for two 
years, to be determined by coin-toss or straw-pull at the first board meeting 
of the year (even if it's by conference call). Congratulations and thanks to 
all who participated in this important election; I think all the directors 
agree we have a lot of work to do to realize the mission of the Jazz Journalists 
Association, to promote the interests of journalists covering jazz. 

Congratulations as well to all you JJA members and otherwise (I'm sending 
this note just a little more broadly) who've produced works of substance this 
year, works you've been proud of, whatever the genre or sphere of activity.   I'm 
quite impressed that many of us have, individually, created so many 
insightful new books, visionary photo shows, riveting broadcasts, provocative seminars, 
breakthrough cyber events -- each in our own ways, expressing our own jazz -- 
making something positive in a difficult time, 2005. Despite all, we are in a 
thriving though challenged profession. I think we each deserve a bow. Please 
accept my personal compliments -- Bravo! 

more soon and best **right now**   -- 


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