[jja-announce] a special opportunity in LA in late May

Jazzmandel at aol.com Jazzmandel at aol.com
Tue Feb 1 11:13:24 EST 2005

Greetings, JJA colleagues -- 

This is the first of probably several e-mails I'll be sending in the next 
couple of months about the National Critics Conference, scheduled for May 25-29 
in downtown LA, a convention in which the JJA is joining the Music Critics 
Association of North America and crits' pro groups from the dance, theater and 
visual arts worlds in a series of cross-disciplinary meetings and dedicated jazz 
journalism-related activities (culminating in the 2nd annual West Coast Jazz 
Awards party on Sunday night, May 29, time and place and guests tba). 

Until Feb 15, registration for the four days of discussion, workshops, site 
visits, and meetings with editors costs only $75. The JJA hasn't devised its 
own programming for this event yet, but I can tell from my weekly talks with 
presidents of the other crits organizations that this will be a convention which 
will be of significant networking value, fun at the Getty museum and other LA 
arts institutions, and perhaps even better than that. Especially for those of 
you based in the LA area who do not face housing and transportation costs, it 
is a don't-miss event, the first of its kind. For others, America West is 
offering a 5% discount on its lowest rates (more details available upon request, 
and I'll get them on Jazzhouse soon), and the Omni Hotel has special room rates 
-- the JJA could set up room shares, if there are requests for that service. 

Please see the press release announcing the JJA's participation (at 
jazzhouse) and also go to the <A HREF="http://www.ascweb.usc.edu/asc.php?pageID=379">
NCC website</A>  [www.ascweb.usc.edu/asc.php?pageID=379] for the schedule as it 
currently exists and to download a pdf of the registration form. 

Volunteers to work on the JJA's end of this event are also invited to contact 
me or Fred Jung (ocundrgrnd at aol.com) 

best, Howard


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