[jja-announce] what is jja-announce?

Jazzmandel at aol.com Jazzmandel at aol.com
Fri Feb 11 16:37:37 EST 2005

Hi, JJA members -- 

Do you know that the JJA Jazz Awards nominations ballot has been distributed 
via jja-announce.org? 

Recently there's been some confusion about JJA-announce at jazzhouse.org. This 
is a list serve that goes out to all members, presumably. If you do not get 
messages from JJA-announce at jazzhouse.org, you out to be in touch with 
Jerryd at sprint.ca (Jerry D'Souza, JJA membership secretary), to get your address corrected 
on the master list. 

JJA-announce is supposed to be used ONLY for news about the JJA -- that is, 
organizational matters. It is moderated, so that no messages that do not fit 
that criteria will slip through. The reason this is done is that many JJA 
members object to messages that they consider spam. We want to keep jja-announce 
clear of being considered spam. It is not advertising anything. It is alerting 
members to news of the organization. This can be relating to the National 
Critics Conference, in which we're taking place (and if you want to get the lowest 
possible registration fee, please download the pdf and date yr checks by Feb 
15), or the Jazz Awards, or the Board of Directors, or the West Coast Jazz 
Party, or Jazz Matters in New York or Boston, or panels at other places put on by 
the JJA. 

If you have a personal matter you would like to share with JJA members, it 
should be sent via members-announce at jazzhouse.org. Members-announce is a sign-up 
only list. It is available for members who want to alert other members to 
their latest article, to their new gigs, to their points of view about anything 
at all, etc. One you have signed up for members-announce, you will be able to 
send and to get messages from others who have signed up for it. 

As for the Jazz Awards ballot -- not all of us have received it. I know this 
from personal experience, though I don't know why it hasn't reached me. It's 
either a problem with jja-announce (unlikely, since we've looked into that) or 
AOL, through which I (sometimes) get my mail. If you have AOL also, you may 
not have gotten your ballot. If that's the case, please contact JJA elections 
official Ken Dryden,  jjaballot2005 at yahoo.com and/or jazzcritic at juno.com. 
Deadline for nominations ballots is Feb. 28, so we have a little time. But we do 
need to straighten out what's up with that. 

thanks for your patience -- Howard (hman at jazzhouse.org -- do NOT simply hit 
"reply" to jja-announce at jazzhouse.org messages, because NO ONE will receive 
your reply. 

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