[jja-announce] nominations for the Jazz Awards (again)

Jazzmandel at aol.com Jazzmandel at aol.com
Thu Feb 24 11:53:07 EST 2005

Hi all -- 

because I have been notified by elections officer Ken Dryden that the 
nominations are running slow, I've introduced a "Lobby for nominees here" topic 
stream at Jazzhouse.org, in the BBS. If you think you've got a nominee who really 
demands attention, you might well argue your case in the BBS. 

Also, if you want to nominate a photo, get in touch with Andrew Lepley, 
Raljazzpix at aol.com

I've just received the Down Beat Critics Poll ballot, and while I respect the 
poll,                    isn't it great that the JJA hosts parties for its 
Jazz Awards nominees and winners (both east coast and west coast this year), 
raises funds for the Jazz Foundation of America and our own operations with the 
Awards event, and does something more to trumpet the honors of excellence that 
just publish them in our own journal? 

By the way at the Guernsey Jazz Auction last week, DB poll awards from the 
'50s and '60s were drawing bids of $500 to $2500. So were Playboy Jazz Awards 
medallions. Bird's alto was bought for $225,000, and a letter from Bill Evans to 
Coltrane, written in 1958, sold for $32,500. Quite the event. . . .

Please get your nominations of JJA Jazz Awards in. Nominations, as many as 
four in each of the 40 categories (corresponding to last year's ballot, viewable 
at Jazzhouse.org.), should be sent to jjaballot2005 at yahoo.com. 

thanks, Howard

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