[jja-announce] Jazz Notes clarification

David R. Adler davidradler at nyc.rr.com
Wed Jul 6 21:48:54 EDT 2005

Dear JJA,

To clear up any potential confusion re Jazz Notes, please note the

All COPY-related requests and queries (News of Members items, etc.) should
be sent to David Adler at davidradler at nyc.rr.com

All PHOTO-related requests and queries should be sent to Laurence Svirchev
at laurence at svirchev.com

Thank you.

David Adler
Editor, Jazz Notes

PS -- Please DO NOT send gig notices or press releases, as I will not run
them in Jazz Notes. If you have a News of Members item, it should be in the
form of a short paragraph beginning with your name (e.g., "David Adler
receives roughly 15,000 gig notices per day...").

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