[jja-announce] the Omni Hotel, downtown LA, $110 per night if you book TODAY

Jazzmandel at aol.com Jazzmandel at aol.com
Tue May 3 13:44:30 EDT 2005

Dear JJA members -- 

If you have any intention of attending the National Critics Conference (see 
the JJA programming and everything else at <A 
HREF="http://ascweb.usc.edu/asc.php?pageID=438 ">NCC</A>) please register soon, very soon -- and if you want to 
stay at Conference central, the Omni Hotel, and get the Conference rate of 
$110 a night, do it today -- the conference is, for budgetary reasons, releasing 
its hold on 180 rooms. The JJA has offered to match roomates to share 
doubles, but we have very little time to do this. 

thanks for your attentions, 


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