[jja-announce] addendum re classified ads in Jazz Awards program book

Jazzmandel at aol.com Jazzmandel at aol.com
Sun May 8 19:55:21 EDT 2005

duh . . .when I sent this last week there was no reason it didn't have the 
price of the three line classified ad, along with the other info. A a three-line 
ad -- 100 characters -- in the JJA Jazz Awards program book costs $50. 

>>we have decided to offer three-line classified ads in the event 
program book, which will be distributed also at the JJA's second annual Left 
Jazz Party in LA on May 29th at the Jazz Bakery. About 1000 media people, 
musicians, record company execs, instrument companies, etc. will see it.
    Messages can be like: 
                                    YOUR NAME
                         YOUR FAME
                      YOUR CONTACT #s
You can buy your classified ad as well as any other size (full page = $1500, 
half page $800, quarter page $450, eighth page $250) by credit card 

at <A HREF="http://jazzjournalistsawards.com">http://jazzjournalistsawards.com
Any questions, let me know or contact Joe Petrucelli at 
jpetrucelli1 at hotmail.com  


(thanks for your attentions -- Howard)

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