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Hi JJA members --

Reports issuing from New Orleans and the rest of the hurricane-damaged gulf 
region are that no JJA members were severely affected, and as far as I've been 
able to find out so far, the N.O. jazz archives are in secure situations 
(though I'm still not sure about the William Russell archives including much Jelly 
Roll Morton memorabilia, papers, etc.) Photographer Herman Leonard, who was on 
Larry King's tv show a few nights ago, is much better off than earlier 

However, there is one jazz journalist in dire straights -- Glenn Astarita of 
AllAboutJazz, and I suggest that you all consider contributing what you can to 
help Glenn regain some foothold. Here's the info, originally from AAJ's 
Michael Ricci and Nils Jacobson:

Glenn relocated to Mandeville, LA, where he's currently receiving 
food rations from FEMA . . .

Glenn averted near tragedy when a palm tree crashed through the house 
he had relocated to--missing him by 20 ft. Relaying a nightmarish 
story over the phone, Glenn, like many residents in the Gulf region 
has been surviving on very little. For two straight days, he lived 
off of peanuts and cookies.

He's almost out of money (has $40 in his account) and he needs help 
to survive for another week. If you know Glenn and would like to help 
him directly, please send him money.

You can do it one of three ways:

1. PayPal. PayPal users can transfer funds to gastarit at yahoo.com.

2. Wire Transfer. Contact Glenn at gastarit at yahoo.com for his bank 

3. Check/Money Order. He's still waiting on checks from his family, 
but there has been a delay with the mail and it's currently not 
getting through. He also has not received his paycheck from his 
employer. A check or money order is not ideal, but if #1 and #2 are 
impossible, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Any small contribution (even $5) will be a big help, so please send 
him something if you can.

Michael Ricci
Nils Jacobson
managing editor
all about jazz

HM again -- here's info from WNYC chief engineer Ed Haber about some Katrina 
relief efforts -- and don'tg forget the Jazz Foundation of America is 
directing funds to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic-in-exile, too. You can find info 
on the JFA and NOMC on the web -- try NOLA.com for starters -- thanks, and 
here's Ed Haber's note:

<< Nancy Covey who promotes yearly music tours to the New Orleans
Jazz & Heritage Festival has passed on several recommendations for those who
want to help in some fashion:

"Clearly money is needed the most as people have lost their jobs, homes and
life as they know it.  Money can be sent through the normal charity

However to directly help musicians there are some really good options that I
encourage you to join us in donating to. 

I just spoke with Ann Savoy's friend, Marce Lacouture, who works with the
newly formed Lafayette Music Alliance .  They have joined forces  with the
National Recording Academy's MusiCares program (the Grammy folks) and The
New Orleans Musicians Clinic to help displaced New Orleans musicians rebuild
their lives.

  As you probably know many of the New Orleans area musicians have sought
refuge in Acadiana.  So The Lafayette Music Alliance is  providing immediate
assistance and comfort to them by connecting musicians to financial aid,
live music venues for employment opportunities,  potential band members, and
central meeting places where they can network and obtain vital information.
They are an umbrella organization formed by Lafayette area organizations and
businesses which serve the needs of musicians.  Alliance members are
Healthcare for Musicians, Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center,
Music Matters, KRVS 88.7 FM, Club 307 Downtown, The Cajun French Music
Association, Nitetown, and the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Through MusiCares musicians can also receive financial help for housing,
food, clothing, medical expenses, replacement of musical instruments or
equipment or any other emergency financial needs they may have.  They are
also working closely with the Lafayette Music Alliance.  The Recording
Academy has established the MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund with an initial
commitment of one million dollars.

To donate to the Lafayette Music Alliance  you have two options:

Checks can be made out to:
The New Orleans Musicians Clinic Emergency Fund
and mailed to:
Healthcare for Musicians,
103 Independence Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70506.

Alternatively you can donate to:
MusicCares Hurricane Relief Fund
by going to www.grammy.com.

If instead, or in addition, you want to send stuff, Keb Mo has friends on
the scene in Houston and Lafayette who can bring clothes, toothpaste and
other hygiene items to people in refuges.

Two places that are receiving items directly:

Pat Brown - Hurricane relief
Director of Sales & Marketing
Pro-Mark Corp.
11550 Old Main Street Loop Road
Houston, TX  77025
(713) 314-1101


The Cajun Dome
Hurricane Relief
444 Cajundome Blvd.
Lafayette, LA  70506
(337) 265-2100 >>

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