[jja-announce] tomorrow's Jazz Matters, the top 10s, elections and IAJE

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Tue Dec 19 21:43:58 EST 2006

Hi all JJA members --

in New York City, we're having a membership party tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 
20), from 6 to 8 p.m. (at the New School Jazz fifth floor performance space, 55 
W. 13th St.), organized around the Jazz Matters panel in which WBGO's 
overnight program host Sheila Anderson, Francis Davis of the Village Voice et al., 
and Dan Ouellette of Billboard, Down Beat, many others, will give each other 
critics' lisening tests, pulling out cds from their 10 best lists to see if their 
choices have general resonance, what kind of responses they excite. Free of 
course, and the party will have refreshments -- musicians, friends, 
journalists, all invited.

If you can't get to the party, please let us know about your top 10s by 
posting lists of your faves, in whatever format you like, at Jazzhouse.org. We need 
to help our website viewers know what's good out there of all the year's 
music releases --

Oh yes, please vote for the JJA board directors -- Fred Jung, James Hale, me 
and Gary Giddins. Let us know if we have your membership support to keep 
trying to make the JJA the active, international professional organization we're 
still building. Of the nominees, three are returning board members and Gary will 
be new to the board, taking the seat Francis Davis has filled with 
distinction all year. The board as currently constituted - with continuing directors 
Susan Fox, Reuben Jackson and Forrest Bryant -- is excited about Gary joining the 
inner core of JJA governance.

The new JJA board will be installed during the IAJE conference in NYC --we're 
having a membership meeting at the conference starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday, 
Jan 13 (room to be announced). Besides introducing the directors (and 
acknowledging activist members such as Art Lange, Paul deBarros, David Adler, Steve 
Robinson,   and treasurer Arnold Jay Smith, We will be discussing some of the 
JJA's organizational issues, and directions for programming for 2007. JJA 
members are involved as moderators and/or panelists on many, many of the 
conference's "industry track" workshops. Paul deBarros and Dan Ouellette are again 
offering the highly successful "Who Asked You Anyway? Critics Clinics. I'm still 
trying to organize a JJA party, but there's so much goin' on, it's hard to 
schedule it well. Maybe Thurs.night, Jan 11.

 If you're seeking credentials to cover the IAJE conference, e-mail Don 
Lucoff, dondlmedia at covad.net.

Whatever else you're doing -- have great holdiays, everyone --


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