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Though subject to change, here are some selected activities in which JJA 
members are prominent, or which might be of special professional interest to JJA 

Please note that the JJA is co-sponsoring a toast to Scandanavian jazz 
journalists at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan 12, and has a membership meeting at 3 
p.m. on Saturday, Jan 14. 

Also: the JJA is NOT able to provide access to the conference; contact Don 
Lucoff, dondlmedia at covad.net for press credentials, info, etc. 


Conference Registration
10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Hilton Hotel, 2nd Floor

6th Annual Gala
5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Hilton, Trianon Ballroom
Advance reservations required; no tickets are avialable at the door.


9:00 a.m.
WBGO Radio presents: The business of non-commercial radio. How public radio 
works and what some of the stations on the entrepreneurial fringes of public 
radio are doing. Moderator: Cephas Bowles, WBGO. Panelists: Ron Pinchback, WPFW; 
Janis Lane-Ewart, KFAI; Bruce Warren, WXPN; Arturo Gomez, KUVO. Location: 
Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.

Workshop: The Jazz Journalists Association: Who Asked You, Anyway? Day 1. A 
hands-on workshop taught over three days (one hour per day), presented by the 
JJA, about how to write a good jazz review - for print media or radio. Students 
receive a one-hour overview of the craft from DownBeat writers Paul de Barros 
and Dan Ouellette, then write a review that night (Day 1); receive a 
one-on-one critique of their review from members of the JJA and rewrite the review 
(Day 2); then submit it for a public (but anonymous) critique by a five-member 
panel of experts (Day 3), and possible publication in the Jazz Education 
Journal. Note: Day 1 and Day 2 sessions are aimed at clinic students only; others are 
encouraged to attend and make comments on Day 3 at the panel discussion of 
student writing and jazz writing in general. Facilitators: Paul de Barros (JJA), 
Seattle Times; Howard Mandel, JJA; Dan Ouellette (JJA), DownBeat; Lara 
Pellegrinelli (JJA); Mike Zwerin (JJA), Bloomberg News. Location: Sheraton, 
Riverside Suite. (Session continues with Day 2, Fri., at 9:00 a.m. and Day 3, Sat., at 
11:00 a.m.)

10:00 a.m.
Panel: Billy's Bounce. In the world of jazz, Dr. Billy Taylor has few equals. 
For over six decades, he has championed America's homegrown art form as a 
pianist, composer, educator, radio and television broadcaster, and, tireless 
spokesman and advocate. Although he has retired from active performing, Billy 
maintains an active schedule as Artistic Director for Jazz at the Kennedy Center, 
his passion still alive, his piano, still swinging. For this One-On-One, he'll 
be joined by distinguished writer A.B. Spellman for a freewheeling discussion 
on his remarkable career, and his thoughts on the state of jazz today. 
Moderator: A.B. Spellman; Panelist: Billy Taylor. Location: Sheraton, New York 
Ballroom East.

Clinic: Jazz Week Radio Workshop Back to the Basics. (10 a.m. to noon) 
There's more to being a jazz radio program host or programmer than just spinning 
discs; music selection, on-air presentation, show preparation, conducting 
interviews, and microphone technique are all elements of making jazz radio 
compelling. And now new technology makes alternate methods of delivery available to 
broadcasters, including Podcasting. This workshop will be an opportunity to share 
knowledge, trade tips and ideas, and to discuss ways to train new people in 
the craft. Facilitators: David J. Fabilli. Jazzin' Around; Dr. Brad Stone. KSJS 
Radio; Neil Tesser (JJA). Listen Here; Linda Yohn (JJA), WEMU Radio. Location: 
Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom.

Panel: Performance Turf Wars. A discussion of the inherent conflict between 
performing arts centers and jazz clubs, and how it can be resolved. Moderator: 
Frank Malfitano, Syracuse Jazz Festival. Panelists: James Browne, Sweet 
Rhythm; Andre Guess, Jazz at Lincoln Center; Kevin Struthers, Kennedy Center; Jim 
Wadsworth, Jim Wadsworth Productions/Nighttown; Scott Southard, IMN. Location: 
Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.

12:00 Noon
Jazziz Panel: Jazz, Politics, and the American Identity. Musicians, 
educators, and political and media figures discuss the ways in which politics and 
notions of American identity have informed jazz's history and how the jazz 
community does or does not address current political issues and contemporary notions 
of American-ness. Moderator: Larry Blumenfeld (JJA), Jazziz. Panelists: Vijay 
Iyer; Rashid Lombard, Capetown Jazz Festival; Ingrid Monson, Harvard 
University; Robert O'Meally, Columbia University; Mike Zwerin (JJA), Bloomberg News. 
Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom East.

Clinic: Hunting for Jazz Treasures: Discovering the Monk-Coltrane Tapes. T.S. 
Monk, Michael Cuscuna, Lewis Porter, and Larry Appelbaum (JJA) will discuss 
the search for, discovery and significance of the 1957 Thelonious Monk Quartet 
with John Coltrane concert recordings, recently found at the Library of 
Congress. Moderator: Larry Appelbaum. Panelists: Lewis Porter, T.S. Monk, Michael 
Cuscuna. Presiding: Ray A. Briggs, Ph.D, IAJE Resource Team. Location: Sheraton, 
Central Park.

1:00 p.m.
Panel: The Photographic Legacy of Jazz. Curators and photographers discuss 
the role of jazz photography as it relates to the legacy of the music. 
Moderator: Reuben Jackson (JJA), Smithsonian. Panelists: Dale Fitzgerald, Jazz Gallery; 
Carol Friedman; Chuck Stewart (JJA Jazz Awards winner). Location: Sheraton, 
Riverside Ballroom.

Panel: JAI Town Meeting. The Jazz Alliance International (JAI) recently 
partnered with IAJE in order to maximize resources and expand the audience for 
jazz. In this town hall format, organization leaders will discuss the results of a 
recent retreat at Wingspread, explain current and future initiatives, like 
Jazz Is Life and gotjazz.info, as well as take questions about the current 
direction of the organization and industry. Moderator: Tim Zak, Pittsburgh 
Accelerator. Panelists: Marty Ashby, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild; Suzan Jenkins, JAI; 
Bruce Lundvall, Blue Note; Geri Allen; Barry Robinson, RIAA. Location: 
Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.

Clinic: Crossing Borders: Improvisation Meets New Media. Crossing Borders 
integrates digital video and improvised music in both intermedia and multimedia 
incarnations. This presentation shares the multimedia work and offers jazz 
musicians a practical model for developing similar collaborative media projects in 
either jazz classroom or professional contexts. Clinician: Mike Nord. 
Presiding: Marc Jacoby. Location: Hilton, Rendezvous Trianon.

Conference Opening General Session
2:00 p.m.
Hilton, Grand Ballroom

Welcoming Remarks
David Caffey, IAJE President
Bill McFarlin, IAJE Executive Director

Honoring Ornette Coleman
Jimmy Greene Jimmy Greene, Composer
Composition: Anthem of Hope
Performed by the Jimmy Greene Quartet led by Jimmy Greene. Saxophone: Jimmy 
Greene; Piano: Xavier Davis, Bass: Reuben Rogers; Drums: Eric Harland

2006 Gil Evans Commission
Jesse Milliner Jesse Milliner, Composer
Composition: Quo Vadis? (Where are You Going?)
Performed by the United States Army Blues Jazz Ensemble directed by CW5 Chuck 

Composition: Wake Up Call
Performed by the NeuHat Ensemble with the Sirius Quartet conducted by Ed 

2:00 p.m.
Meeting: Jazz Radio Consortium. Presiding: Scott Hanley. Location: Sheraton, 
Riverside Suite.

Panel: Jazz Lives in Print. The last decade has seen a torrent of new jazz 
biographies, some comprehensive and thorough, others mere hearsay and 
hagiography. What makes a good jazz biography? What are readers, fans and musicians 
looking for in a good bio? Personal anecdotes? Musical analysis? Social Context? A 
little of all three? Four prominent authors of recent jazz biographies 
discuss how they did their research and made their decisions about what to include 
(and not to include). Moderator: Paul de Barros (JJA), Seattle Times. 
Panelists: Gary Giddins (JJA), JazzTimes; Ashley Kahn (JJA), Wall Street Journal; Peter 
Levinson (JJA), Peter Levinson Communications; Stephanie Stein Crease (JJA). 
Location: Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom.

3:00 p.m.
DownBeat Panel: DownBeat First-Person Interview with Sonny Rollins. Sonny 
Rollins has lived at the vanguard of jazz for more than 50 years. His 
performances are legendary; his recordings some of the true classics of jazz. Ira Gitler 
sits down with the tenor saxophone colossus, now 75, for this very special 
DownBeat First-Person Project interview. Moderator: Ira Gitler (JJA). Panelist: 
Sonny Rollins. Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom East.

4:00 p.m.
Panel: It Must Be JAM ('Cause Jelly Don't Swing Like That). How do you as an 
educator, broadcaster, or presenter take advantage of Jazz Appreciation Month? 
What can JAM do for you? Your students? Your organization? Your public? Hear 
from a panel of music professionals who have implemented successful JAM 
programs at the high school and college level, national/international radio, 
musicians' union/festival, and city government. Learn about ideas and new 
partnerships that you can emulate. Moderator: John Hasse (JJA). Panelists: Russ Davis, 
Mike Muziz, Steve Wiest, Jonathan Lax, Camille Love. Presiding: Janis 
Stockhouse, IAJE Resource Team. Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.

Panel: Jazz Journalists Association: Journalists in the Digital World. Is the 
new paradigm of digital information delivery — including blogs, podcasts and 
ArtistShare-like self-productions — a revolution or a novelty? Must jazz 
journalists change what, where and how they cover the music? Does the digital shift 
offer freelancers new profit streams, or marketing opportunities? Moderator: 
Howard Mandel, JJA. Panelists: Nils Jacobson (JJA), AllAboutJazz.com; D.D. 
Jackson, DownBeat; Frank J. Oteri (JJA), New Music Box/American Music Center; 
Mike Zwerin (JJA), Bloomberg News. Location: Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom.

Clinic: Gettin' The Word Out. Veteran jazz journalist Martin Johnson (JJA, 
The Wall Street Journal) and jazz publicist Jason Byrne (Red Cat Publicity) 
discuss the ins and outs and ups and downs of successful publicity campaigns. 
Clinicians: Martin Johnson, The Wall Street Journal; Jason Byrne, Red Cat 
Publicity. Location: Sheraton, Riverside Suite.

BET Jazz The Jazz Channel presents: Corporate Strategies for Expanding the 
Jazz Audience in the 21st Century. How television can maintain and attract new 
viewers to jazz. The role and responsibility of jazz institutions, such as 
JALC, IAJE and others, in developing new opportunities for aspiring musicians. 
Paxton Baker, Executive Vice President and General Manager of BET Jazz and Dick 
Parsons, Time Warner Inc. Chairman and CEO, along with special guests. 
Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom East.

Exhibit Grand Opening!
Hilton, Rhinelander Gallery and America's Hall I & II
6:00 p.m. -   7:30 p.m. 

10:30 p.m. JJA-IAJE toast with SCANDANAVIAN JOURNALISTS attending under 
auspices of Nordic Now, prior to a reception hosted by the Swedish, Danish, Finnish 
and Norwegian Consulates in the same location == Mercury Ballroom, Hilton 


9:00 a.m.
Clinic: Writing for the Jazz Education Journal. The Jazz Education Journal is 
looking for prospective authors to submit high-quality manuscripts for 
potential publication. The first half of the session will cover author guidelines, 
potential article topics, and the JEJ review process. The second half of the 
session will provide the opportunity for authors to meet one-on-one with the JEJ 
Editor and/or IAJE Publications Director in order to discuss specific 
manuscript ideas and to provide feedback on first drafts. Clinician: Les Sabina. 
Presiding: Sandy Nelson, IAJE Publications Director. Location: Hilton, Concourse 
Level Room C.

Workshop: The Jazz Journalists Association: Who Asked You, Anyway? Day 2.. 
Location: Sheraton, Riverside Suite. (Session continues with Day 3 Saturday 
11:00 a.m.)

10:00 a.m.
Exhibit Hall Opens. Location: Hilton, Rhinelander Gallery and America's Hall 
I & II.

10:00-11:00 AM:   Meeting: Jazz Publicity Group

JazzTimes Panel: Dan Morgenstern: A Life in Jazz. Jazz journalist and 
statesman Dan Morgenstern (JJA) shares the highlights of his life in and around the 
world of jazz. Moderator: Steve Schwartz (JJA) WGBH. Panelist: Dan Morgenstern. 
Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom East.

Clinic: Jazz Week Radio Workshop Promoting and Selecting Music for Jazz Radio 
(10.00 - 12.00). Jazz radio hosts and programmers share their thoughts on how 
they choose which recordings are chosen for airplay, while veteran record 
promoters share their tips for encouraging stations to consider recordings and 
for getting radio to notice a release and give it priority attention. 
Independent artists, as well as radio and promotion personnel, will find this session 
useful. Session includes panel presentation and workshop/Q&A segments. 
Facilitators: Eric Jackson, WGBH; Dick LaPalm, The Jazz Lobbyist; Shaunna Morrison 
Machosky, WDUQ; Neal Sapper, New World N' Jazz Promotion; Jim Wilke (JJA), PRI. 
Location: Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom.

10:30 a.m.
Research Presentation: Clarence Williams: A Critical Re-Evaluation. 
Presenter: Jon Ozment, University of Maryland. Location: Hilton, Concourse Level Room 

11:00 a.m.
Meeting: IAJE Resource Team. Location: Sheraton, Lenox Ballroom.

Meeting:The Rhythm Road - American Music Abroad program. The U.S. State 
Department and Jazz at Lincoln Center invite you to attend this information session 
about our program in which 6 jazz ensembles will be selected annually for 
international tours that encompass performance and education. Location: Hilton, 
Concourse Level Room C

Panel:Future Jazz: New Business Paradigms and Strategies. Visionaries in the 
music industry discuss trends in the 21st Century. Moderator: Tad Hendrickson 
(JJA), Jazz Week; Panelists: Brian Camilio, ArtistShare; Glen Barros, Concord 
Records; Larry Rosen, LRS Media; Jenny Toomey, Future of Music Coalition. 
Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.
11:30 a.m.
Research Presentation: The Classicization of Jazz: Has Jazz become the 
"Classical" Music of the 21st Century? Presenter: Dr. Dave Kopplin, Cal Poly Pomona. 
Location: Hilton, Concourse Level Room G.

12:00 noon
JazzTimes Panel: Excuse the Musical Disruption with Christian McBride & Bob 
Blumenthal (JJA). Buttoned-down Beantowner Blumenthal, working on his 
comb-over, mixes it up with Philly Fanatic McBride over a wide range of jazz and 
sports-related topics, until the whistle blows. First topic in the walk-down is 
iTunes. Plus, five good minutes with a special guest. Location: Sheraton, New York 
Ballroom East.

Panel: Jazz Resources at the Library of Congress: Collecting is Our Business. 
The panel will provide an introduction to the many jazz resources housed in 
the Library of Congress with particular focus on jazz collections onsite and 
online. Moderator: Lloyd Pinchback. Panelists: Larry Appelbaum (JJA), Sam 
Perryman, Jan Lauridsen. Presiding: Dr. Tammy L. Kernodle, IAJE Resource Team. 
Location: Sheraton, Central Park.

1 p.m. 
Clinic: Market Yourself and Your Music on the Web. Jazzcorner.com founder 
Lois Gilbert (JJA) will lead a workshop of empowerment on the web. Included in 
the discussion will be utilizing latest technology, site interactivity, 
e-commerce, search engine placement, and more with special guest Robin Eubanks. 
Location: Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom. 

2:00 p.m.
Meeting: Latin Jazz eGroup. Location: Sheraton, Lenox Ballroom

JazzTimes Panel: Clark Terry: The Man & His Music. The trumpet legend is 
interviewed by Nat Hentoff (JJA) 
Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom East.

Panel: Jazz Education: The Leadership Perspective.A panel of leaders from 
major jazz academies discusses the challenges of maintaining quality programs 
that preserve the art form while addressing a changing marketplace. Who are their 
graduates, what landscape are they graduating into, and with what kinds of 
marketable skills?. Moderator: Don Gorder. Panelists: Roger Brown, William Hipp, 
James Scott, Robert Sirota. Presiding: Dr. Gordon Vernick, IAJE Region 
Coordinator. Location: Sheraton, Central Park.

Clinic: Digital Audio Tools for Teaching Jazz Listening. This session will 
offer hands-on experience in using simple digital audio and presentation 
software to create engaging jazz listening guides and materials. Learn to use iTunes 
and Audacity to create custom CDs and listening clips to integrate into 
PowerPoint. Clinician: Sam Reese. Presiding: Kimberly Walls. Location: Hilton, 
Concourse Level Room A.

Ask The Experts.
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom.
Conference attendees can meet one-on-one with prominent industry veterans in 
various fields. Get candid feedback on your career, but come well-prepared as 
each session will be limited to 5 minutes. Mentoring categories: Performances, 
Recordings, Marketing/PR/Promotion (3:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m.).

Panel: The Artist as Artistic Director. Performers, who double as artistic 
directors for various presenters or festivals, discuss their approaches to 
creative programming. Moderator: Laura Johnson. Panelist: Dave Douglas, Festival of 
New Trumpet Music; Christian McBride, LA Philharmonic; John Clayton, Port 
Townsend Jazz Festival. Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.

5:00 p.m.
Meeting: IAJE Canada Annual General Meeting. Location: Sheraton, Riverside 

JazzTimes Panel: New Technologies for a New Music. Esteemed artists and 
producers discuss how jazz musicians can create new music surrounded by all of the 
options offered by technology, including MP3, online, surround, DVD, 
peer-to-peer, or whatever's next. Moderator: Christopher Porter, JazzTimes. Panelist: 
Bob Belden; Bill Laswell; Scotty Hard; Nils Petter Molvaer. Location: Sheraton, 
New York Ballroom East.

Panel: Keeping the Mingus Legacy Alive. The music of Charles Mingus 
represents the second largest body of composition in American music and includes works 
of varying degrees of sophistication, difficulty and accessibility. Largely 
through the efforts of Sue Mingus, this legacy continues to thrive today in the 
form of various performing groups (including the Mingus Big Band), 
publications, research, and the development of musical adaptations specifically for 
younger performers. Clinicians: Gunther Schuller, Andrew Homzy, Nat Hentoff (JJA). 
Presiding: Ronald C. McCurdy, Ph.D, IAJE Past President. Location: Sheraton, 
Central Park.

Panel: How Much Can You Make? Savvy artists and professionals provide candid 
insight into realistic revenue streams for a working jazz artist. Moderator: 
Alan Bergman, Alan Bergman Associates. Panelist: Todd Barkan, Jazz at Lincoln 
Center; Robin Burgess, Burgess Management; Jack Randall, Ted Kurland 
Associates; Peter Gordon, Thirsty Ear Records; Theo Van den Hoek, North Sea Jazz 
Festival. Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.

8:00 p.m.
NEA Jazz Masters Awards Concert
Honoring Ray Barretto, Tony Bennett, Bob Brookmeyer, Chick Corea, Buddy 
DeFranco, Freddie Hubbard, and John Levy.
Masters of Ceremonies Ramsey Lewis and Nancy Wilson

Jon Faddis and the Jazz Orchestra of New York

African American Jazz Caucus Annual IAJE Conference Dance. This annual 
presentation by the AAJC is to historically reflect and encourage the legacy and 
ongoing interfacing of jazz music and dance. The AAJC Dance Band will perform 
repertoire guaranteed to engage and elicit your active participation. 


9 a.m.
Meeting: IAJE Women's Caucus. Location: Hilton, Concourse Level Room B.

Panel: JJA Radio Workshop Writing for Radio. Facilitator: Howard Mandel, NPR; 
Willard Jenkins, WPFW; Neil Tesser, Jazz Ahead; Bobby Jackson, WCPN
 Location: Sheraton, Riverside Suite.

Clinic: NEA Jazz in the Schools. NEA Jazz in the Schools is a free web-based 
curriculum, www.neajazzintheschools.org, that integrates the history of jazz 
with American social, economic, and political developments. The five-unit 
multimedia curriculum is designed for high school history, social studies, and 
music teachers. Clinicians: Michele Schroeder, Rob Horowitz. Presiding: Laura 
Johnson, IAJE Executive Board. Location: Hilton, Trianon Ballroom.

Research Presentation: A Brief Overview of Ethnomusicological Research in 
Jazz Studies. Presenter: Dr. Ken Prouty, Indiana State University. Location: 
Hilton, Concourse Level Room G.

10:00 a.m.
Exhibit Hall Open (10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) Rhinelander Gallery and America's 
Hall I & II.

Panel: Is Smooth Jazz Still Really Smooth Jazz?. Experts in the Smooth Jazz 
genre discuss how and why contemporary jazz is increasingly being squeezed out 
of the format and what can be done about it. Moderator: Ricky Schultz, Zebra 
Records. Panelist: Lorraine Bergman, Broadcast Architecture; Marcus Miller; 
Cameron Smith; Center Stage TV; Steve Williams, Sirius Satellite Radio. Location: 
Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.

Clinic: Jazz Promotion in the Internet Age. Panos Panay, founder of 
Sonicbids, will give a clinic on Electronic Press Kits and how his online business, 
currently boasting over 50,000 members, is helping artists, agents, and managers 
from around the world to easily and efficiently reach out to new promoters. 
Sonicbids is IAJE's exclusive partner for online press kit submissions. 
Clinician: Panos Panay. Presiding: Richard Schmunk. Location: Hilton, Concourse Level
Room A.

10:00 a.m.
Clinic: Jazz Week Radio Workshop Making Jazz Radio Part of the Community 
(10.00 - 12.00). One of the keys to building a bigger jazz radio audience is to 
make your station more visible in your community. This workshop is a chance for 
stations to share their ideas and success stories in making themselves a 
bigger part of the jazz scene through innovative approaches in marketing, 
promotion, and live appearances and through outreach to local musicians, schools, 
colleges, jazz societies, live venues, and festivals. People in the jazz community 
who are not part of radio can share their ideas on how they'd like their local 
jazz station to become more a part of their efforts. Facilitator: Arturo 
Gómez, KUVO; Bobby Jackson, WCPN; Tom Mallison (JJA), Public Radio East. Location: 
Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom.

GRAMMY logo Panel: The Recording Academy® Presents the 13th Annual Grammy® 
Jazz Soundtable. Top practitioners of the art play excerpts from their 
discographies and tell inside stories from their craft. Location: Sheraton, New York 
Ballroom East. (2 hour session)

11:00 a.m. 
Workshop: The Jazz Journalists Association: Who Asked You, Anyway? Day 3. 
Comments on jazz writing in general. Facilitators: Paul de Barros, Seattle Times; 
Howard Mandel, JJA; Dan Ouellette, DownBeat; Lara Pellegrinelli; Mike Zwerin, 
Bloomberg News. Location: Sheraton, Riverside Suite. (Session continues with 
a discussion of student reviews Sat., 1:00 p.m.)

1:00 p.m.
SOCAN logo Performance: SOCAN/IAJE Phil Nimmons Established Composer Award. 
2006 Recipient: Phil Nimmons.

NEA Panel: NEA Jazz Masters. An informal panel discussion with the 2006 NEA 
Jazz Masters Ray Barretto, Tony Bennett, Bob Brookmeyer, Chick Corea, Buddy 
DeFranco, Freddie Hubbard, and John Levy. Moderator: A.B. Spellman, NEA Deputy 
Chairman. Presiding: Wayne Brown, NEA Director of Music and Opera. (2 hours) 
Location: Hilton, Trianon Ballroom.

Clinic: The Billy Strayhorn Documentary: Challenges of Documenting Jazz 
History on Film. Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Robert Levi (Reminiscing in Tempo), 
shares the challenges of committing a great jazz legacy to film. Highlights 
include insight into methods of research, collection of archival materials, 
setting up interviews, creating a superb sound track (this one in collaboration 
with Blue Note Records) and marketing. Clinician: Robert Levi. Presiding: 
Michael Wolff, IAJE Resource Team Location: Sheraton, Central Park.

Workshop: The Jazz Journalists Association: Who Asked You, Anyway? Discussion 
of student reviews. Facilitator: Paul de Barros, Seattle Times; Howard 
Mandel, JJA; Dan Ouellette, DownBeat; Lara Pellegrinelli; Mike Zwerin, Bloomberg 
News. Location: Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom.


3- 4 p.m. JJA executive meeting (directors, officers, committee chairs)

Exhibits are open 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

3:00 p.m.
Down Beat Panel: Blindfold Test presented by DownBeat, featuring Jason Moran. 
DownBeat's most popular column, the "Blindfold Test" is a listening test that 
challenges Jason Moran to identify and discuss the music and musicians from a 
selected recording. This year, the innovative and dynamic young pianist Jason 
Moran sits in the hot seat for the annual IAJE Live Blindfold Test, moderated 
by Dan Ouellette (JJA). 
Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom East.

Clinic: Multimedia for Jazz Listening Lessons. Participants will learn how to 
create PowerPoint listening guides and will participate in demonstration 
lessons that focus on listening to and analyzing jazz. The lesson ideas are 
appropriate for elementary - high school music classrooms with single or multiple 
computers. Clinicians: Jane Kuehne, Kimberly Walls. Presiding: Ray Legnini. 
Location: Hilton, Concourse Level Room A.

Ask The Experts.
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Sheraton, Riverside Ballroom..
Conference attendees can meet one-on-one with prominent industry veterans in 
various fields. Get candid feedback on your career, but come well-prepared as 
each session will be limited to 5 minutes. Mentoring categories: Performances, 
Recordings, Marketing/PR/Promotion (3:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m.).

Panel: Sponsor This Panel. The ways and means of corporate sponsorship for 
jazz organizations and events. Moderator: Alexa Birdsong, City Parks Foundation. 
Panelist: Art Edelstein, Festival Productions; Mike Bates, Yamaha 
Corporation; Gail Bower, Bower & Co. Consulting; Leslie Latham, National Sponsorship 
Platform. Location: Sheraton, New York Ballroom West.
Clinic: Smithsonian Jazz Legacy Education Program – Louis Armstrong 
Educational Kit. Introducing the new multidisciplinary Louis Armstrong Education kit, 
Grades 6-11, from the Jazz Legacy Education Program at the Smithsonian's 
National Museum of American History. A complete overview of the kit's contents, with 
step-by-step classroom procedures for teachers, and complimentary kit. 
Clinician: Luvenia George. Presiding: Ken Kimery, IAJE Region Coordinator. Location: 
Sheraton, Central Park. 

Clinic: Multimedia Development: Creating a Promotional Video using iMovie HD. 
A beginner's tutorial for creating a digital movie using Apple's iMovie HD. 
Topics in this presentation include video and audio capture, basic video 
editing techniques, adding transitions and titles, working with audio, and exporting 
the completed movie. The session will follow a project demonstrating the 
creation of promotional materials for a musical ensemble. Clinician: Bruce 
Frazier. Presiding: Vince Leonard. Location: Hilton, Concourse A.

5:00 p.m.
Panel: Jazz Education in Scandinavia. Moderator: Ian Darrington. Panelists: 
Jukkis Uotila, Anders Mogensen, Erling Aksdal Jr., Örjan Fahlström, Tim Hagans, 
Dave Liebman. Presiding: Dr. Ian Darrington, IAJE Executive Board. Location: 
Hilton, Nassau Suite.

Panel: Major Indies. A lively look at the changing landscape for record 
companies, in the aftermath of major label consolidation and contraction. 
Moderator: Jeff Levenson, Half Note Records. Panelist: Francis Dreyfus, Dreyfus 
Records; Al Pryor, Mack Avenue Records; Francois Zalacain, Sunnyside Records; Siggi 
Loch, Act Music; Pat Rustici, Palmetto Records. Location: Sheraton, New York 
Ballroom East.

6:00 p.m.
Billboard logo Panel: Billboard Magazine Presents: What Jazz and Hip Hop Can 
Learn From Each Other. Moderator: Tamara Conniff. Billboard. Panelist: Mark 
Baszak, University of Massachusetts; Maurice Bernstein, Giant Step; Andy 
Hurwitz, Rope-a-Dope Records; John Murph, BETJazz; D.J. Spinna. Location: Sheraton, 
New York Ballroom West.

Howard Mandel
151 1st Ave.
NY NY 10003
phone 212 533 9495
cell 212 533 4952
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