[jja-announce] Jazz Notes deadline

David R. Adler david at adlermusic.com
Tue Jul 4 22:20:12 EDT 2006

Dear members,

Before I announce the next Jazz Notes deadline, I want to take this
opportunity to thank you for nominating me for the 2006 Helen Dance-Robert
Palmer Award. I'm moved and inspired by your support. Thank you so much for
this honor, and congratulations to my fellow nominees. Most of all,
congratulations to my good friend Nate Chinen, the winner, who said from the
stage, "This is a great time to be a jazz fan." He's absolutely right, and
his work helps to make it so.

Not sure how to segue from that but here goes -- the next Jazz Notes
deadline is August 1. All materials to this address by that date, please.

And hope you've had a very pleasant July 4!

In gratitude,

David R. Adler
Editor, Jazz Notes

P.S. -- Don't forget that deadline! August 1!


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