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Fri Jul 14 16:05:47 EDT 2006

first off -- is anyone going to the Newport Jazz Festival? We have the 
opportunity to set up a panel and party -- but I will NOT be there, and haven't 
heard from anyone who will be, so I haven't pursued the JJA's opportunities. This 
can fairly easily be turned around, if there's desire of the membership to get 
together and do something in Newport and surroundings weekend of the fest. 

2) The Third Annual Los Angeles Jazz Awards are being held at the Pasadena 
Museum of Art on July 30, from 6 to 10 p.m. -- extraordinary vocalist Dwight 
Trible, JJA's own Mark Towns Latin Jazz Band (he's a fine guitarist, with a new 
recording featuring Hubert Laws), and drummer  Harris Eisenstadt Group are 
performing, open bar and food for $25 in advance (tickets available starting 
Monday at www.JazzJournalistsAwards.com) or $50 at the door -- presenters including 
Scott Yanow, Rex Butters, Kirk Silsbee and Ken Borgers giving the Awards to A 
Team inductees including Buddy Collette, Kamau Daaood, Terri Hinte, Ginny 
Mancini, Ken Poston and Poncho Sanchez. 

3) There will be JJA panels at the Tanglewood, Beantown (Boston) and Detroit 
Jazz Festivals, maybe in Chicago, too. Watch for e-mail about them, or go to 
Jazzhouse.org for updates. 

that's it for now -- having a nice summer, are we? 

best, Howard

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