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Mon Mar 13 17:48:03 EST 2006

Here is a list of last year's categories, which should be identical for 2006. Please that categories with an asterisk are lifetime awards, so previous winners are ineligible. I'm trying to track down a complete list of past winners for Up & Coming Musician. 

The ballot submission email address has not been finalized, but if you intend to send in nominations now, please send them to jjaballot2006 at yahoo.com, instead of any of my individual email addresses in the JJA database. Please do not use this email address for any other purpose, all emails other than ballots sent to it will be deleted. Please sign your name at the top of your ballot so we may verify that you are indeed eligible to vote. 


Make up to five nominations for each award. Please note that nominations are due by midnight, March 15, PT. 

Lifetime Achievement Award* (past winners: Benny Carter, Max Roach, Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman, John Lewis, Clark Terry, Cecil Taylor, Dave Brubeck, Hank Jones) 

Musician of the Year 

Up & Coming Musician of the Year* (past winners include Jason Moran, Jane Monheit and others, all of whom are ineligible...generally nominees should have recorded fewer than 5 CDs as a leader) 

Jazz Album of the Year 

Single CD Reissue of the Year 

Boxed Set Reissue of the Year 

Record Label of the Year 

Events Producer of the Year 

Composer of the Year 

Arranger of the Year 

Male Singer of the Year 

Female Jazz Singer of the Year 

Latin Jazz Album of the Year 

Small Ensemble of the Year (<9 pieces) 

Large Ensemble of the Year (9+ pieces) 

Trumpeter of the Year 

Trombonist of the Year 

Player of the Year of Instruments Rare in Jazz 

Alto Saxophonist of the Year 

Tenor Saxophonist of the Year 

Soprano Saxophonist of the Year 

Baritone Saxophonist of the Year 

Clarinetist of the Year 

Flutist of the Year 

Pianist of the Year 

Organ-keyboards of the Year 

Guitarist of the Year 

Acoustic Bassist of the Year 

Electric Bassist of the Year 

Strings Player of the Year 

Mallets Player of the Year 

Percussionist of the Year 

Drummer of the Year 

Lifetime Achievement in Jazz Journalism* (past winners: Whitney Balliett, Stanley Dance, Nat Hentoff, Dan Morgenstern, Ira Gitler, Gary Giddins, Gene Lees, Bob Blumenthal are ineligible) 

Willis Conover-Marian McPartland Award*-Excellence in Jazz Broadcasting 
(This has been turned into a one-time-only award, and your three 
nominees should come from different stations or broadcast networks, according to the ballot committee. Past winners, thus ineligible, are: Neil Tesser, Marian McPartland, Dr. Billy Taylor, Phil Schaap, Michael Bourne, Kenny Washington, Alyn Shipton, Steve Schwartz, Rhonda Hamilton) 

Lona Foote-Bob Parent Award *-Excellence in Photography (This 
is a one-time-only-award, recognizing sustained excellence or a 
significant body of work in jazz photography). Past winners: William Claxton, William Gottlieb, Herman Leonard, Chuck Stewart, Enid Farber, Ken Franckling, Lee Tanner, Jack Vartoogian 

Helen Dance-Robert Palmer Award-Excellence in Newspaper, Magazine or Online Writing 

Best Periodical Covering Jazz 

Best Website Concentrating on Jazz 

Best Book About Jazz 

Best Photo of the Year (submit photos by 3/31) 
send one (only) JPEG to whit at transpect.com
  Please submit your nominations ASAP!

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